Avengers 2 to Guardians of the Galaxy 2: Our comic Guide explains the 5 most important Noob Questions


guardians-2-galxyPeters Papa is a king. And an asshole.

Anyone who has seen "Guardians of the Galaxy", which should have recorded the numerous allusions to Peter Quills father safe. Right at the start of the film his mother, Meredith Quill says to Peter that his father an "angel of light" was. however, Peters foster father, the Space Rogue Yondu Udonta noted in an aside, at the "idiot-Father" that he would have the 11-year-old Peter originally intended to deliver. After the final battle with Ronan Peter is then scanned by a member of the Nova Corps. The result of the scan is sweeping the scene for some confusion because it suggests clearly that Peter Quill can not be of terrestrial origin.

So you noted Peter Quills father somehow seems to be an important number. In the comics he's that too. Here he is in fact J&8217; son of Spartax, the king of an intergalactic empire. And quite an asshole. Or shall we say, a tough ruler who moves permanently into moral gray areas and by the way, little can do with the childlike idealism of his son, his rightful heir.

star LordJ&8217; son was at that time banned by his own father from the Spartax empire and fell from that time on Earth, where he fell in love with Meredith Quill and finally Peter fathered with her. Then a war broke out and dad Quill was drafted, which in turn led to Meredith's memory has been completely wiped out at him (and a few assassins were sent, they were killing, but that is another story).

Sounds promising. A handsome father-son conflict has done very well for so many movies. However, director James Gunn has already announce that "Guardians of the Galaxy 2" is a very different father than introduce those from the template. Whether this statement is a feint whether or Peter Quill will be even the son of Yondu or Adam Warlock if everything turns out differently in the end, we are willy-nilly have to wait.


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