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Twitch TV is one of the most popular providers of gaming live streams. Before you can use the service, but you need your first Twitch Stream Key. In the following guide, we show you how to find him.

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Twitch Stream Key - what do you need him?

The portal Twitch TV offers you a platform where you can create your own channel to stream games (also GIGA is represented on Twitch with a channel). To stream itself needs its special software like Xplit, Twitch TV provides you speak only the window available in which you can introduce other people you your streams. there further information on setting the stream&8217; Incidentally stream in our guide with how it works. The Twitch Stream Key you need to access your personal channel, he also ensures the correct allocation of live streams.

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Twitch Stream Key &# 8211; so you find him

  1. To find the Twitch Stream Key, you log in you first into your Twitch TV account.
  2. Then, you visit your personal dashboard.
  3. On the top right you now see the notification First Time Broadcasting? Check out the streaming apps. Click on the hyperlink.
  4. On the next page you see a list of applications that are required for stream with Twitch TV: Xplit, Wirecast and Flash Media Encoder. At the top right a nondescript small window with the title Show Key.
  5. Click on the window. You will see a new dialog box in which the Twitch Stream Key appears.

And this was&# 8217; s already. Actually not that complicated.

Twitch accountTo find the Twitch Stream Key, you need an account with Twitch TV.

Important: your Twitch Stream Key should you never share it with others. Anyone who is in possession of your Twitch Stream Keys, has full access to your account without your permission, and can stream video or distribute inappropriate content. Therefore take heed to it as your eyeball!

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