Steam VPN Ban – How dangerous is really the Ban?

On the Internet to read again and again from Steam VPN Ban: Steam accounts are blocked because the relevant user games keys are activated via Steam with VPN. In the following article we will go to this question: We clarify why it can come to Steam VPN Ban, as the legal situation looks like and then dedicate ourselves to the most important question: What is the risk of Steam VPN Ban?

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Steam VPN Ban &# 8211; Why is banned?

Some players do not want to wait for a game in the local Steam Store is available and buy the key reason abroad (Our article How To - Shop at the Steam Store UK reveals how this works). In addition, some foreign game keys (for example, from Russia) are significantly cheaper. Problem: foreign keys can not be activated easily in the Steam Store. The client recognizes dates from which region the Steam key and locks the respective game.

A trick to this lock can be avoided, however: Applications such as OpenVPN connect to foreign servers and flit before Steam that the users in the country (for example, Russia) sits. Thus, the key can be activated and then use as normal even without VPN connection. To prevent this behavior, Steam threatens the blocking of accounts that use a VPN connection.

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Steam VPN Ban &# 8211; What the Steam user conditions say?

The Steam users conditions are unique. Those who handle Steam via VPN, contrary to the Treaty. The passage in question in the end-user license is:

&# 8220; However, they are not entitled to emulate the communications protocols used by Valve or redirect to any network feature of the content and services, regardless of whether this is through protocol emulation, tunneling, modifying or adding components to the content and services, or is done by the use of a utility or by any other technology.&# 8221;

And further:

&# 8220; Valve has the right to cancel your account or a particular subscription / certain subscriptions in the following cases at any time: a) Valve generally adjusts the supply of subscriptions to subscribers in a comparable situation, or (b) you violate conditions of this agreement (including any Subscription Terms or usage policies).&# 8221;

In other words: who uses programs such as OpenVPN, risking an immediate and complete deletion of his Steam account. Read on the subject and the following: What if one assumes the SSA?


How high is the risk really is?

of course, is more interesting is the question: How high is the risk really is? actually there is a serious chance that your account will be banned if their VPN uses? to make a final and definitive statement here is difficult. On the Internet you can read both of users who were banned for one-time use VPN, as well as of users, who constantly use VPN and have never had problems. but the trend is more in the direction: A VPN Ban is possible, but unlikely in practice.

  • Games to buy foreign keys and activate using VPN is not welcome, but not generally leads to a lockout.
  • to use VPN connections for multiplayer games also seems to be less problematic.
  • Risky to connect via VPN to Steam and buy directly into the Steam store of your country is.
  • If you have a Steam games library that consists mainly of acquired via VPN Keys, also increases the chance that Valve is attention sooner or later.

As already mentioned, we can not give a definitive answer to the question of the VPN Ban (or even a probability in percent) at this point. but a certain risk and you should know exactly what you do when you bypass the region lock from Steam via VPN.

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