A3 Dimensions: In cm, mm & amp; Pixels – What is the Card & amp; Poster format?

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The A3 format may not be used as often as its little brother the A4 format, but many have to deal daily with the A3 format. In this guide, you experience the A3 in cm, mm and the resolution spans an A3 sheet in pixels to set the correct size in the image or layout programs.

The A3 format is also called the semicircle, is many but also from school or studying as &Double sheet; # 8220&# 8221; known. Therefore, the term double sheet stirred as the A3 format is exactly twice as large as a conventional DIN A4 sheet. The A3 format is used primarily for magazines, cards, notes or small billboards and posters. The after DIN (Deutsches Institut for Nstyling aid) standard A-size paper can be used in many countries, but there are also other formats that offer similar dimensions. Especially the tabloid and ledger-size paper is known from the newspaper and magazine sector.

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A3 Dimensions &# 8211; So great is the semicircle

A4 dimensions paper sizeThe A3 format is 297 mm wide and 420 mm high, So 29.7 cm wide and 42.0 cm high. The A3 format is derived from this reference format DIN A0 (841 mm x 1189 mm) from. If you three fold a DIN A0 sheet even in the middle, you get the height and Breitenabmaße from A3.

formatsize in mmmeasures in cm
A3297 x 42029.7 x 42.0
DIN A0841 x 118984.1 x 118.9
Tabloid / Ledger (ANSI B)279 x 43227.9 x 43.2
Tabloid / Ledger (CAN P3)280 x 43028.0 x 43.0

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A3 size in pixels?

A3 Dimensions pixel density resolutionIf you want to create an A3 page containing the image and layout program, you can this of course equal in the correct format to create. However, you can not simply convert centimeters or millimeters in pixels because one pixel is not a fixed size unit. So in order to generate the correct aspect ratio for an A3 page, you need in addition to the number of pixels for height and width also always the point density PPI (Pixels phe Inch).

In the following table we have shown the common point densities and how much pixels you need in height and width, to produce an A3 image. It should be noted that the higher the pixel density, the sharper the image. However, should a quality print or a sharp digital picture 300 ppi sufficient completely.

pixel densityResolution in pixels
72 ppi842 x 1191
150 ppi1754 x 2480
300 ppi3508 x 4961
1200 ppi14031 x 19843

Picture sources: Sven, styleuneed.de

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