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Who does not know that most legendary of all pirate games series to the completely malign rookie wannabe buccaneer Guybrush Threepwood? We're talking, of course, by the now five-point and click adventure series Monkey Iceland.

Monkey Iceland &# 8211; A legend

Ron Gilbert and Tim Schäfer, two very big names in the adventure genre deposited with The Secret of Monkey Iceland in 1990 a milestone, to which should delight generations of players for years to come. With LucasArts&8217; Pirate Adventure was torched a Laughter fireworks that has no equal.

the secret of monkey IcelandThe Secret of Monkey Iceland

The plot of the five games can be summarized as follows: Guybrush, who sees himself as an aspiring pirate contender, looking for a legendary treasure. He pushes more random with the Governor Elaine Marley together, whose father has hidden its own treasure. Guybrush falls head over heels, but the tough Elaine must be difficult convincing.

monkey Iceland 2 LeChuck RevengeMonkey Iceland 2: LeChuck&# 8217; s Revenge

Meanwhile, even ghost pirate LeChuck in the hands of the governor is interested. In addition to the breakneck chase in which Guybrush must strive for a ship and a crew, then comes also Voodoo into the game and three-headed monkeys and even more undead.

monkey Iceland 3The Curse of Monkey Iceland

During the adventure finally, it creates Guybrush to marry Elaine, but keeps the same two lucky only briefly when he gives her an enchanted engagement ring from LeChuck's ship, which makes them petrified then.

escape from monkey IcelandEscape from Monkey Iceland

The focus of the other games still is the power of Voodoo, the constant and predictable return LeChuck and an incredible twist, reveals himself as Guybrush's brother as just that, suddenly becomes the man and Guybrush will instead attacked by the curse of the undead existence.

tales of monkey IcelandTales of Monkey Iceland

Between crazy combination puzzles can be found in Iceland Monkey running gags churning, sword duels special, thrilling naval battles, Voodoo and varied islands full of dangers, treasures and monkeys&# 8230;

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