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Netflix users watch out, the series Suits will be on display from April with Season 4 in the stream on Netflix. Currently, the Season 3 Suits is shown on the TV channels Vox in German Free-TV. Then when the fourth season will be shown on free TV is uncertain. A start in July is likely; maybe we just have to wait until July 6. Those who can not wait that should so be sure to open the browser and stream!

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The advantage: You can watch the same all the episodes at once. Of course, not only Netflix has the series Suits in the program. Where you can still see that we tell you here.

Watch Suits Season 4 already in OV in Amazon Prime*

Suits Season 4: a spoiler free as possible synopsis

At the end of Season 3 Mike no longer wanted to pursue an unlawful employment for him. Therefore, he announces at Harvey and investment bankers. At the start of the new season so we will be able to watch how that proceeds for him.

Suits Season 4: The trailer 

Where can you see Suits Season 4 in the stream?

In April, the fourth season of Suits is newly added to the program from Netflix. However, fans of the series will have to wait until April 20, 2016 because only then you can watch all the episodes in the online stream.

Impatient have access to other streaming services. However, it is often found only the original English version here.

  • VoD service Amazon Instant Video has the same all five previously released seasons of Suits in the program. Seasons 1 to 3 can you either look at you in German and English. Suits Season 4 is in the stream on Amazon *Suits Season 4 in the stream on Netflix, Amazon & amp; on TV currently only available in English OV.
  • The situation is different even in Apple's own iTunes service *Suits Season 4 in the stream on Netflix, Amazon & amp; on TVout. Here, too, you can look at you seasons 1 to 3 in either English or German. however, seasons 4 and 5 are available initially only in the original English.
  • Until April 20, you will find on Netflix the first three seasons of the show - either in German or in English -. After that you can then you Suits Season 4 in the original English or watch in the German-dynchronisierten version.

stream Suits Season 4 in English OV with German subtitles on iTunes*

Suits Season 4 in TV: Where the train runs on free TV?

The broadcast rights for Suits in German Free-TV of belonging to the RTL Group channel VOX has secured. Here, the third season is currently being shown.

Suits Season 4: Cast

The main cast is preserved:

role nameactor
Harvey Reginald SpecterGabriel Macht
Michael James "Mike" RossPatrick J. Adams
Louis Litt MarloweRick Hoffman
Rachel Elizabeth ZaneMeghan Markle
Donna Roberta PaulsenSarah Rafferty
Jessica Lourdes PearsonGina Torres

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