License Number: Where is she on the new license?

The 2,013 newly introduced license in credit card format offers little space. Labels are missing. We tell you why, where to find the driver's license number and what the other fields mean.

The tiny bank card, we now get a new driver's license, has no place for the detailed labeling of the data fields on the front. They are simply numbered 1 to 12 Fortunately, there's an often-overlooked legend!3252I-driver's license

What then is the driver's license number?

The license number is under number 5, 4b directly below - the expiration date. The license number is an eleven-digit code of numbers and capital letters.

fuehrerscheinnummer-frontThere is the driver's license number (Source: Bundesdruckerei)

The following information includes the front of the license:

  • Field 1: Name
  • Field 2: first name
  • Field 3: Date of Birth
  • Field 4: Date
  • Field 4b: Expires
  • Field 5: driver's license number
  • Field 7: Signature of the holder
  • Field 9: The valid driving license classes (more detail is again on the back.
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On the back of the license you will find the license classes, which are allowed to use it. Besides - if applicable - a start and end date for each class. Under section 12 any restrictions are entered.

fuehrerscheinnummer-layingThe legend explains it: the driver's license number in box 5 (Source: Bundesdruckerei)

All this is explained to you in the form of a "legend". simply rotates to the reverse of the document to the right. Below you can see the explanation of all the fields then, if you should forget this statement on the driver's license number.

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