Fallout 4: presented Nuka-Cola drink

The fallout fever is rampant. Following the announcement in the summer of release of Fallout 4 is imminent. Yet you can pass the time with the app fallout shelter you. After a Fallout fan has launched a petition in the summer, after which Bethesda a real version of the Nuka-Cola will offer for sale, the dream for fans of the game series has finally come true. Bethesda joins forces with Jaones soda and presents the Nuka Cola Quantum as a real drink.

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A few days ago it was announced that Bethesda and Carlsberg will jointly publish a true Fallout 4 beer. The alcoholic drink is published exclusively in the UK and should be based on taste normal Carlsberg beer.

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Fallout 4: Nuka-Cola comes as a real drink

Order the beer can be divided into 12 330-ml bottles at Amazon.co.uk * at a price of about 41 €, to Germany however, is not delivered.

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Now a variant of a unalkoholische inspired by Fallout drink should see the light of the real world. In collaboration with Jones Soda a real Nuka-Cola Quantum in a beautiful blue color is to be published. The quantum version of the Cola celebrated in Fallout 3 2008 her debut in the game.

Jones Soda, however, has created no new cola drink, but forms his existing berry lemonade in new Fallout look around. The drink was recently presented at Twitter. Whether it will create the Nuka-Cola Quantum as a drink to Germany, however, is not known.

Fallout 4: presented Nuka-Cola drink

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order fan articles of Nuka-Cola and buy

In the Fallout universe Nuka-Cola was the most popular drink in the United States before the Great War and also after the apocalypse. 2044 the drink of John Caleb Bradberton was invented, found in the Fallout world all machines with the soft drink. The bottle caps apply after the apocalypse as a valuable cash for food, weapons and equipment.

While fans of the series can (still) do not buy Nuka-Cola, but there are in Bethesda online store various merchandise for fictitious Cola variety. So you can order there with the imprint of Nuka Cola as a pocket, sweaters, T-shirts, glasses and more.

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Moreover, by the end of 2013 there were already to buy a real Nuka-Cola beverage. The website of the provider, however, was now taken offline, it simply there is the Facebook page. The drink, however, was not directly related to Bethesda.

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