WPA2 CCMP: Is it better than WPA + WPA2 and WEP? Easily explained

In your router settings (Fritz box) you can find the encryption method WPA2 CCMP. We explain here what it is, whether it is better than WPA + WPA2 and WEP and whether you should use the mode.

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WPA2 CCMP: What is it?

In the Fritzbox- or router settings can be found mostly in point security WLAN encryption with the entry &# 8220; WPA2 CCMP&# 8221 ;.

WPA2 CCMP: What is it and you should set it?WPA2 CCMP: What is it and you should set it?
  • WPA2 is a security standard for wireless networks (WLAN).
  • CCMP is the associated, used protocol. It is &# 8220; Counter Mode with Cipher Block Chaining Message Authentication Code Protocol&# 8221 ;. Behind the various cryptographic algorithms to encrypt the data hiding. CCMP is based on the so-called Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).
  • WPA2 CCMP therefore means that the CCMP protocol is used to encrypt the wireless radio signals to prevent unauthorized persons can not access the data. Either way it is WPA2 and is currently one of the safest encryption methods that are available for Wi-Fi networks.

Important: A wireless router with WPA2 CCMP as encryption and activate WPS is considered very safe.

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WPA2 CCMP better than WPA + WPA2 and WEP?

In short, yes. Unless you have the option of your router to use this level of security, you should also do it. However, there are exceptions, and to observe a lot:

  • Fritz boxes use the mode &# 8220; WPA2 CCMP&# 8221 ;.
  • Speedports encrypt AES.
  • In repeaters also different encryption modes can be set.

If you repeater or different router models uses the network, it can lead to problems if each different encryption techniques are set in the devices. So try to find a native mode:

  • EPA also is considered safe.
  • WPA + WPA2 only means that your router uses WPA automatically when one of your network devices does not support WPA2. All other devices then use WPA2.
  • So you can also use WPA + WPA2 if your devices have problems to connect to the WLAN.
  • WEP can be, however, very easy to break and listen and NOT should be used.

Info: How fast and how safe which encryption standard, learn it here: Wireless encryption (the most secure methods).

Basically, the default setting is for all current routers WPA2. Unless you have therefore not changed the configuration, you should be on the safe side. but we still recommend to the router settings to check if WPA2 is set. In the worst case, no encryption is set.


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