& Quot; errors in reproduction of the test tone & quot; Windows: what to do?

To check whether a speaker is functioning properly or a sound card is set up properly, you can be playing a test tone on Windows 10 and older versions. Only when this sound can play correctly, the sound output to the PC or laptop is set up correctly. In some cases, it may happen that there is an error when playing the test tone.

Here you learn how to fix the error when playing the test tone.

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Error when playing the test tone: troubleshoot

Do you want to play the sound for testing audio devices, you reach the corresponding function as follows:

  1. Click with the right mouse button on the speaker icon in the lower right corner of the taskbar.
  2. Selected via the context menu "Playback Devices".
  3. Click in the new window, right-click on the playback device, through which the test tone to be played. Do not you know what device is right, try gradually all entries by. After clicking the right mouse button you can select the option "Test".
  4. It will now play a ringing sound in any available speakers.

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If a hardware or software error, here the error message "error when playing the test tone".

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Error when playing the test tone

Before trouble solution should check for any additional set up audio equipment could result in an error. Includes headsets and other hardware that could cause a conflict with the audio drivers from the PC. So you can fix the problem:

  • Often, a reboot is enough to fix the problem.
  • If this is not the case, open the Device Manager in the Control Panel.
  • Examined the audio equipment of the corresponding playback device.
  • Selects the entry with the right mouse button. Here you can update the device driver.

& Quot; errors in reproduction of the test tone & quot; Windows: what to do?

  • If the test tone is not reproduced even after the driver update the sound drivers via the Device Manager first deletes completely.
  • then starts Windows. Normally, a new driver installation should start automatically. Alternatively, it seeks the now unknown audio device via the Control Panel and installed in this way clean the appropriate drivers.

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