Otrkey: How to open the files?

Files ending otrkey include film clips of the online TV recorder (OTR). Via the online media center TV channels can be recorded from various countries and downloaded. So you can open the files.

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OTR: How does the library?

Who gets a OTRKey file in his hands and is looking forward to the film will be disappointed. All OTRKey files can be opened only by authorized users. This includes only those who were registered with OTR before the creation date of the file. In this way the German copyright regulations are complied with.

The OTRKey format is so open to only registered users OTR.

log in OTR

So you sign up on at OTR to play OTRKey files:

  1. Go to the website onlinetvrecorder.com. Below the login area you click on Register. 
  2. Give your email address and twice a an elected one of you password.

    OTR: Here you can create a new account.OTR: Here you can create a new account.

  3. Confirms the terms and conditions and includes the process by clicking on Create a new account from.
  4. A confirmation link will be sent to your e-mail address. Click it to.
  5. Your OTR account is set up.
  6. You can now log you normally via the website, selecting films to be ready after the broadcast for download.

Note: Although you can register easily on the platform, but even then you can only open files in the future of the format.

Open OTRKey files &# 8211; Step by step

You can either download TV shows directly from the OTR servers or mirror servers. The advantage of mirror servers: The download from there free of charge around the clock, falling on the OTR server except at happy hour from 0-8 pm fees.

If you use the mirror server, you do not pre-program the program itself for later download. About five hours after the broadcast they are available. you can find the file on a otrkey search engine.

  1. Invite down the otrkey file from the mirror site.
  2. Invited by the OTR site offered the decoder down and follow the installation instructions of the program.
  3. Opens the OTRKey file using the decoder. It creates an AVI file that you can play with almost any media player.

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