“GEZ” fees in 2017: What is the broadcast post?

Who conducts a household in Germany, had to pay GEZ fees for this for a long time. Since 2013, commonly known as "GEZ fees" cost of public service broadcasters in Germany as a radio post are known.

At the same time the height of the amount was changed to 01/01/2013. Since then, new fees that also in 2016 are still current apply.

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height of &# 8220; GEZ&# 8221; fees 2017: Broadcasting Post

Now is dimensioned for the broadcasting contribution not for devices in the household. Rather, each apartment paid for each household, ie every month the same amount. It does not matter how many people live in the household, or whether there is no radio, TV or PC is available in the apartment. Two households, pay the contributions, merged, a payer should terminate the review service. The monthly fee is € 17.50. However, this does not have to be paid monthly, but there is also a quarter, half or yearly payment to choose from.

GEZ feePeriod
€ 17.50Monthly
€ 52.503-Monthly
105 €Half-yearly
210 €yearly
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Compared to 2014, the broadcast contribution of € 17.98 was reduced to € 17.50. A full 48 cents saves Accordingly 2015. Who is self-employed or freelancers, must also pay a fee, which depends on the number of employees in a company. More information can be found in the Jura forum. People with disabilities (&# 8220; RF&# 8221;) pay € 5.83 per month. Socially disadvantaged can be quite relieved at the request of contributions.


Radio Post: fees 2017

With the monthly payment and the broadcasting fee is paid for a privately owned car. A person receiving a second home, must pay fees for both residences. Is an apartment for rent, the tenant and not the landlord for the broadcasting fee has to pay.

By 2013 it was possible to bypass the license fee by given was that no TV or other receiver in the household be available. Since the change in the contribution of service, it is irrelevant for devices or program of ZDF and Co. is used, each household pays a flat rate, the required fee. Although there are regular attempts to circumvent the GEZ fees by cash, this is actually not as easy as often stated. Those who ignore payment notices must expect reminders and even a writ over which z. As the reward can be seized for the fee.


Attempts to oppose the license fee of court, failed dishes judged far more for the broadcasters. The constitutional courts in Bavaria and Rhineland-Palatinate have constitutionally declared contribution in order.

Excluded from broadcasting Post are among others in 2016 only:

  • Hartz IV recipients
  • Student loan recipients
  • deafblind
  • Workers whose incomes are just above the Hartz IV
  • In exceptional cases, dementia or autism sufferers

Those who have received so far via DVB-T TV programs, must switch to DVB-T2 in March 2017th Here you also need a new Receiver. With the best offer you can keep within the cost:

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Whether you watch TV via satellite, cable, Internet or DVB-T2, the amount of the license fee remains the same for each device and is paid per household. So if you have five televisions and lives with three people in a household, you pay just as much as people who live only with a radio in their own homes.

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