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With swords their schnetzelt you only as by enemy hordes of Destiny: King of the possessed. But where do you get the new Saber ago only? In our guide we tell you step by step how to find their swords and can use. And we also tell you what materials you need for this.


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A sword in Destiny? How cool is that? The MMO shooter recorded so far only by the use of firearms, but is now in the add-on with the new category of weapons of Swords therefore. As ye are come to the swords and what requirements you have to fulfill it, learn it here.

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Destiny &# 8211; King of the possessed: Sun gets her your own sword

The sword gets her through a quest, the you get when ye by Story missions of King of the possessed You fought. The exact steps we tell you in the following:

  1. Ends the story of the add-ons and then place yourselves to Eris Morn in the tower, to obtain two more quests.
  2. The second quest is named A broken will. This quest gives you an at closing Sword as a reward.
  3. then go directly to next door Lord Shaxx from the melting pot and talk to him about further details.
  4. This requires of you to forge the weapon 25x and 10x Hadiumflocken light particles.
  5. You can find this new material on the grave ship (new area) in chests, distributed across the map. But only in the boxes for which you need no key. Like you Hadiumflocken can furthermore farms fastest, we show you the Guide Destiny - King of the possessed: farms Hadiumflocken endless thanks Glitch - how it works (with video).
  6. You can you along the 25x 10x Hadiumflocken and light particles return to their Lord and Shaxx make and receive one of three swords.

Destiny - King of the possessed: Increase light level - then you are quickly at 300

Swords: Spoiled for choice

You are in quest completion three swords as a reward to choose from which you can select one. however, noted that her additional materials needed, to get there eventually. The swords and the required materials is:

  • Arkus-sword: 25x rotary metal
  • Solar Sword: 25x Heliumfilamente
  • Empty Sword: 25x relic iron

It is about legendary Swords, which do not differ from each other in attack and other values. Just Damage and perks are different for each sword what you can see below in the image.


Swords operate it as heavy weapons and consume heavy ammunition. Each strike will cost it were one ammunition. After spent ammo you can while still strike, but your character recoils after each blow. So you can not combos in rapid succession line up.

With swords you will have fun in lots of Destiny. Not only do they share a lot of damage and make returns in PvP in tight areas extremely well, you too can they expand throughout the game to exotic variants make and thus more powerful.

Destiny - King of the possessed: Legendary brands - so you get it

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