The Walking Dead: first comic book as a free download in the Play Store

Nice little giveaway for all friends of the Living Dead: The first comic strip of The Walking Dead is currently a German-language eBook for free playbooks to have the Google Play Store. The other volumes are reduced.

The Walking Dead: first comic book as a free download in the Play Store

The Walking Dead is one of the most remarkable pop culture phenomena of the last decade. Robert Kirkmans post-apocalyptic scenario where dead people turn into reincarnation and the massively decimated mankind for life endeavors, was initially in the form of comics, but also in books, a US TV series and video games (a great * and a failed *) worked a gigantic fan base.

Who, like me, knew so far, although the series, but not the comics now gets the chance reinzuschnuppern free: Google Play Store, the first comic strip is currently offered free of charge. Although the covers "only" 24 pages to make a first impression of the series, but is always a good opportunity. The only catch of the free offer: You must have already set up a payment method to Google Wallet for its own account, otherwise the "purchase" of 0.00 euro does not work.

The other comics are currently discounted: individual volumes of the series free from the Play Store otherwise mostly 2.69, now only 1.88 euro, which hit five editions comprehensive anthologies currently with 5.60 euros instead of 7.99 euros. Amazon also cost the anthologies as an eBook per 7,99 EUR *.


you can read the work either in the browser or on your Android device of choice about Google Play Books app.

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We have tried, of course - on the high resolution Nexus 10 makes it really fun on the Galaxy Note 3, it is at least an acceptable reading pleasure. Who has so far never read comics on their Android device, the free Walking Dead band may as well just use it as a litmus test of whether he likes this kind of media consumption.

► The Walking Dead Volume 1, a free eBook in Google Play Store

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