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Elegant design combined with modern technology &# 8211; then the new Samsung Gear S3 can be described in one sentence. But what the advantage is opposed to a conventional watch? Simple: In the useful apps.

Samsung Gear S3: Best SmartWatch apps at a glance

The idea of ​​Gear S3 is now gone by almost three months. During the presentation at the IFA 2016, we were allowed to watch the first time take in hand and were quite impressed. Both variants, called "frontier" and "classic", knew right away please. However, needs hardware, no matter how attractive, and a compelling ecosystem. Unlike the competition, the gear S3 is not based on Android Wear by Google or the Watch OS from Apple, but on Tizen OS.

The signature beverage Samsung promises a number of advantages, such as a trimmed long battery life efficiency. Still stands and falls a mobile operating system with the available software. For this reason, we have looked at the app offer for Gear S3 even closer and ask a few hand-picked applications of the Samsung app store before.

The features of the gear S3 in everyday use*

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HERE for Gear

Gear-S3-Here-2 Gear-S3-Here-1
A prime example of native app development for Gear S3 is probably HERE for Gear. In the style of market leader Google Maps, the map app provides easy navigation and searching. With understandable commands, the user can easily be guide to the desired destination.


Gear-S3-Yelp-1 Gear-S3-Yelp-2
Such destination can of course also be a restaurant. When looking for a nice local Yelp can meanwhile help. to whip out your smartphone is not even necessary here, the SmartWatch app sufficient. Just a desired category and select the results can be displayed on the wrist.

Nike + Running

Gear-S3-Nike-2 Gear-S3-Nike-1
The eroded calories are down again? No problem: The Nike + -Running app is the friend and helper of each joggers. With a few taps on the Gear S3 barrel unit can be tracked and analyzed. The watch is due to a corresponding sensor on top of that to be able to measure the heart rate.


Gear-S3-S-Health-1 Gear-S3-S-Health
About the jogging beyond S-Health. The service from Samsung analyzed the daily life of the user and with advice and assistance. Too little moved? The Gear S3 reminded to get your butt again high. Afterwards, the entire day can be analyzed clearly.
Gear-S3-S-health 3 Gear-S3-S-4-Health

Find My Car

Gear-S3-find-my-car-1 Gear-S3-find-my-car-2
An app for the scattered motorists: With Find My Car, the user can easily leave a mark in the parking lot of your car to retrieve this later quickly. This should be particularly in parking poor inner-city quite helpful.

Find My Phone

A bit smaller and therefore easier to lose: their own smartphone. Also on Find my Phone but the search with the help of the gear S3 a breeze. Simply ring the paired smartphone (also works in silent mode!) and let the site is located.


Gear-S3-Snake-2 Gear-S3-snake-1
A small gimmick in between we also ready: Snake. How the game works is likely to be well known. Not known, however, was probably that there is Snake for the Gear S3.

The features of the gear S3 in everyday use*


Okay, still there is not the Spotify app for Gear S3 - but soon! Samsung and Spotify have already announced the collaboration, in mid-December will appear the native application. The app aims to support the offline storage of music, so this without any smartphone via Bluetooth headphones respectively speaker can be issued.


Gear-S3 Calendar 1 Gear-S3 Calendar 2
Although pre-installed, but still very useful: The Samsung's own calendar. To illustrate this, it does not require many words: The user can conveniently view upcoming appointments and data. At your disposal are a variety of views, such as an agenda list or a monthly overview. Simple knitted and equally simple to understand and a real support in everyday life.


Gear-S3 Music 1 Gear-S3 Music 2
Also the standard repertoire a SmartWatch heard the music control: A simple interface allows quick changes between songs. In addition, the volume can be adjusted. The output is of course still on the paired phone or the connected headphones.

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