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The daily soap "Gute Zeiten" RTL is among the evergreens in the German TV program. If you heard a song in the wake of today and wonder how the song is actually called, you can the titles of all the songs GZSZ music get online.

So you never miss a song that seemed to him to hear the "clubhouse" or as background music in "GZSZ" "masonry".

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So the RTL live stream works for Magine (video):

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GZSZ music: &# 8220; What is the song sequence xy&# 8221 ;?

RTL provides regularly for the TV broadcast the playlist of the latest episode of "Good Times, Bad Times" online. There, you see what songs were played and in what scene of each song could be heard. At the same time you can find here equal to the appropriate link to download the song from Amazon or iTunes as MP3. The archive of GZSZ music goes back four weeks, so you can also learn in this way which songs were played in front of ten episodes. In addition, you can search specifically for a particular episode by number or date sent. Alternatively, you give a search term, if you, for example, explores the music from GZSZ than Sunny has failed on a shoot or experiencing Lilly of tuner secret.

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GZSZ music: The songs from "Good Times, Bad Times"

GZSZ music: The songs from "Good Times, Bad Times" &# 8211; Compilation for download

Often music stars make an appearance in episodes of "Good Times, Bad Times". As could be seen among others Lena Meyer-Landrut and "Unholy" with an appearance.

gzsz-music-songsThe music of the last GZSZ consequences (Screenshot: RTL.de)

Closely linked to the series is of course the title song with the lines is initiated "bad times I see in your heart, see good times". Since the start of the series in 1992 the title song by GZSZ's is four different versions appeared, currently is "Glass Bead Game" heard in the intro. Even the theme song to GZSZ can you find than MP3 at Amazon. *GZSZ music: The songs from "Good Times, Bad Times" In addition, you will find on iTunes a GZSZ music compilation as a download *GZSZ music: The songs from "Good Times, Bad Times"GZSZ music: The songs from "Good Times, Bad Times", which combines the most important songs from the clubs of the series. Among other things, Royal Republic, Jennifer Rostock and Frida Gold can be heard thereon.

With us you also learn which songs in - play "Berlin day and night".