Fallout 4: Paladin Danse Guide – Increase Site and relationship

Paladin Danse belongs to the Brotherhood of Steel, which is concerned with technical knowledge and the development of its military forces. You can recruit as a companion to the loyal soldier in power armor in Fallout 4th How can you find him, what strengths he has, and how you can start a romance with him, we tell you the following Companion Guide.


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As brilliant figurehead of Brotherhood of steel met her Paladin Danse on his campaign against the atrocities of the Commonwealth. As you tracking the exemplary soldiers, to your him Companion making and even enters into a romance with him, we tell you in our Companion Guide. We also give you guides to the other companions in Fallout 4th

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Fallout 4: Paladin Danse Guide &# 8211; so you find him

On your way south to Diamond City ye receive on the way a radio broadcast on the Military frequency AF95. This exasperated support in the fight against wild ghouls, the Police station in Cambridge attack. this is then marked on the map and you can move you there.

By radiofrequency ye receive the radio message Brotherhood of Steel.By radiofrequency ye receive the radio message Brotherhood of Steel.

Once at the station you land right in the attack of the savages ghouls that of Paladin Danse and the soldiers of the Brotherhood of Steel be blocked. Help it and then talk to Paladin Danse inside the police station. Then you can him on a mission to accompany when it is finished, he offered you as a companion. Also, you can join as well as the Brotherhood of Steel as a recruit.

Defends the ghoul attack from Paladin to help Danse.Defends the ghoul attack from Paladin to help Danse.

Paladin Danse strengths and weaknesses

In defense you have to make you to Paladin Danse not worry. His Power Armor granted him one of the best damage resistance of all the Companions and can pocket a lot. He also has the Laser Gun Righteous rule an optimal instrument of death. However, his mobility is limited by the armor and hectic combat situations the Paladin can you also are ever in the way.

Even a fire Inferno survives Paladin Danse with the left.Even a fire Inferno survives Paladin Danse with the left.

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Paladin increase Danse relationship: likes and dislikes

Danse is the one who proposes to you as a member of the Brotherhood of Steel and also the perfect military strategist. Accordingly, he prefers to let actions speak instead of words. Violent conflict resolution please him and have a positive effect on your relationship. However, you should otherwise always courteous and honorable act to impress him.

With pacifists can not do anything with Paladin Danse. Always seeks only the diplomatic solution will be permanently detrimental to the your relationship to her. Disregarded it also constantly rules, which abuts the law-abiding soldiers on sour level necessary.

Paladin Danse believes in strict hierarchies and command obedience.Paladin Danse believes in strict hierarchies and command obedience.

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An overview of the positive and negative effects of specific individual actions you see below.

actionImpact on the relationship
use Chemsfallout-4-negative
Creating Power Armorfallout-4-positive
get on the vertibirdfallout-4-positive
modify Armorfallout-4-positive
modify weaponsfallout-4-positive
kill non-hostile NPCfallout-4-negative
crack foreign Castlefallout-4-negative

Romance with Paladin Danse

Have you Paladin Danse impressed by positive actions turn freely by little more personal conversations that can lead you to him. This goes so far that it even at maximum level relationship relationship you can go with him.

As a reward for the maximum level relationship with Paladin Danse get her following Skill:

  • Know your enemy: You judge permanently at + 20% damage against Wilde ghouls, super mutants, and synths.

Sets ye at maximum relationship sleep your companion while Paladin Danse, he makes you company and you'll get after you wake up the following skill:

  • Pillow Talk: You gain + 15% experience points for a limited time.

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