Minecraft: find diamonds – So you get to the gems

The diamonds are among the rarest materials in Minecraft. But it is worth looking for them because of the sparkling stones can be more crafting the best tools, weapons, armor, and more. In the following article you will learn how you can find the best diamonds.

Minecraft diamond-findMinecraft &# 8211; find diamonds: So you come quickly to the valuable material.

If you once again the pick of iron goes out and just do not feel you have to constantly crafting a new, then you definitely need tool of diamonds. If you died again when Ender Dragon, it might be time for an armor of diamonds. If you want magic, but you lack the magic table, takes her diamonds! By now, everyone should have understood how useful the rare stones. But wanting still to be found &# 8211; we show you how hiring the best. Without Minecraft cheats and mods.

At what height or level are the diamonds?

Upper-level worldMinecraft &# 8211; find diamonds: these are the levels of the game.

Diamonds are obtained from a diamond block and per block you get a diamond, unless you have a tool with the enchantment &Fortunately, # 8220&# 8221 ;. More on that later. To get at diamond ore you have to dig, of course, on the surface you will not find it. The block-world of Minecraft is divided into layers. The bottom layer has the number 0, the uppermost layer reaches up to the 256th block. Diamonds be found in the layers 1-15, so deep under the earth. The most likely to encounter stones at levels 5-10. Diamond wires are usually large blocks 1-8 and occur within a range of 16&# 215; 16 width and a height of 256 blocks &# 8211; the so-called Chunk &# 8211; on average, only once on.

to find an increased likelihood diamond ore there in the abandoned mines which are not flooded until the 11th block of lava. Thus, it is to seek less dangerous to the ore. but it is always advisable near Lava to be careful because not only her, but also falling diamonds in the lava perish. But Lava also has advantages because it illuminates dark caves and can you so already discover diamond ores from afar.

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Minecraft &# 8211; find diamonds: How to&# 8217; s

Since we now know where diamonds occur, all it needs is a simple method that we we find the best. Presses the F3 key and dig you so far in the depth to it at a height between Y = 5 &# 8211; 10 are. There, it's worth a small warehouse with chests, an oven and a workbench to build. then goes to one of the planes between five and ten and dig you a tunnel. This tunnel should be one block wide and two to three blocks high, so it just fit through that. In this way you can see at least eight blocks around you and you have the best chance of diamond ore to discover.

minecraft-diamond-caveMinecraft &# 8211; find diamonds: finally find it!

The same is repeated her two blocks parallel to your studs again &# 8211; applies this technique until the gems eventually surface. Reaping these off completely and embark in the next chunk. Reminder: In a chunk there is only one diamond deposits in the rule. During Buddelns you will also bulky other materials, so also the chest worth in your little mini-base. Possibly you encounter indeed to a few dungeons.

How to Build diamonds from best: Useful Items

There are a few useful items that will help a searching and can also increase the number of mined gemstones. Torches should be there anyway, armor and weapons can not hurt against uninvited guests also.

but is especially important one lucky pickaxe. That you may have, depending on the level of enchantment, an increased chance of multiple gems to gain from a block. To your pickaxe to enchant you need a magic table, at best, a bookshelf, to enhance the enchantment. Respects absolutely sure a Iron or diamond pickaxe to use for the mining of precious stones, for only thus can the ore crushed.

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