Funny Movies 2015: The best comedies of the year & amp; which we look forward

Half time at the movies! The first half of 2015 draws to a close and we take stock. Today, funny movies of 2015 are at the forefront and we not only cast a look back at the funniest comedies of the first half, but also tell you which upcoming comedy promises to be great fun!

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So far, the latest movie year has spoiled us literally and 2015 may be remembered as particularly strong year in film history. In addition to the surprise success of &# 8220; American Sniper&# 8221; we were with &# 8220; Mad Max: Fury Road&# 8221; to see the most far the best action movie of the millennium, and thanks &# 8220; Victoria&# 8221; again has to offer something tangible, the German film. But in the cinema it does not always explode or go up dramatically, sometimes you want to also make a nice evening and let the funny bone to your heart run free easy.

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We looked around for half therefore even in the world of comedies and present you five films, which we had to laugh the first half of 2015 in particular. then in the second part we take a look at the next six months and tell you that you do not should be missed five comedies in the rest of the year, 2015. Have fun with the funniest films in 2015!

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Funny Movies 2015: The best comedies of the year

Honey in the head

Honey in the head© Warner

We begin our look back at the first half of the movie in 2015 with a small cheating, because &# 8220; honey in head&# 8221; already launched on Christmas Day last year in our cinemas. Nevertheless, the sensational success of til Schweiger dominated the local box office earlier this year like no other German film ever. With nearly 7 million viewers, the tragicomedy is one suffering from Alzheimer's veterinarian and his granddaughter not only the most successful film directed by Til Schweiger at all, but in many ways a phenomenon. That such a bulky issue the so-called silent mass would reach that would otherwise not too often gets lost in a cinema was not necessarily in sight.

Honey in the head: Is the fuss about Til Schweiger film entitled? The criticism of GIGA film

Dieter Hallervordens spectacular comeback on the silver screen was in 2012 in the outstanding drama &# 8220; His last race&# 8221; instead, in which he plays a former marathon runner who fights against his undignified life on the sidelines of a retirement home. Although Kilian Riedhofs Drama is by far the better film, Dieter Hallervorden incident as demented pensioners in the after classic &# 8220; road movie meets touching tales&-formula staged; # 8221 &# 8220; head full of honey&# 8221; Once again the right notes. And so it is the balance between gentle humor and Schweigerschem riot, which also makes this film worth seeing. And laughing, there is also enough, such as when Dieter Hallervorden tries to tell a dirty joke alias Amandus in the convent a nun.

&# 8220; head full of honey&# 8221; appears at 08/27/2015 on DVD.

&# 8220; head full of honey&# 8221; Pre-order now on Amazon on DVD / Blu-ray & to buy*Funny Movies 2015: The best comedies of the year & amp; which we look forward

10143Honey in the head - Trailer German

Baymax &# 8211; huge Robowabohu

BigHeroSix1© Disney

On 22.01.2015 had with &# 8220; Baymax &# 8211; huge Robowabohu&# 8221;  a feel-good movie in our cinema premiere, as he is in the book. The original animated comedy from Disney was able to tell a heartwarming story and at the same time to provide enough laughs, so that the film should 2015 not be missed in our list of the funniest movies.

Click here for our detailed criticism Baymax - Giant Robowabohu

&# 8220; Baymax &# 8211; huge Robowabohu&# 8221; tells the story of 14-year-old prodigy Hiro who invents the beautifully animated fantasy city of San Fransokyo a robot named Baymax, whose job it is to heal people and to assist them. So knuffig the chubby fellow is also, sometimes he needs to create a battle dress and wear their inventor against evil. While the story may come along simple, but the clumsiness of fluffy Baymax ensures successful gags and so reign in San Fransokyo not only the laws of cuteness, but allowed to laugh too strong.

&# 8220; Baymax &# 8211; huge Robowabohu&# 8221; now buy on Amazon on DVD / Blu-ray*Funny Movies 2015: The best comedies of the year & amp; which we look forward

1000Baymax: Giant Robowabohu Trailer German

Eternal life

Josef_Hader© Majestic Filmverleih

That successful comedies not only heartwarming feel-good films are need, but also can come along deep black and dry, have the Austrian cabaret artist Josef Hader and its director Wolfgang Murnberger already in grotesque crime-Purr Like &# 8220; Come Sweet Death&# 8221; or &# 8220; The Bone Man&# 8221; proven. The fourth film adaptation of a novel by Brenner Wolf Haas does it again into itself and differs favorably from all other comedies that were on display this year at the movies.

Laconic black humor the history of the bankrupt private detective and former policeman Simon Brenner continues and the current crime comedy brings its anti-hero, not only to his roots to Graz, where he inherits a seemingly intact house but celebrated again relish a new low in its verkorkstem life. Josef Hader as always plays his character as sympathetic losers on the margins of society, the setting and the atmosphere are unique and the bad jokes ignite dazzling. &# 8220; Eternal life&# 8221; like in this country the secret be among the best comedies of the year, watch but well worth it in any case &# 8211; provided one can be had for Macabre.

&# 8220; Eternal life&# 8221; will be released on 09/17/2015 on DVD.

&# 8220; Eternal life&# 8221; Pre-order now on Amazon on DVD / Blu-ray & to buy*Funny Movies 2015: The best comedies of the year & amp; which we look forward

1112Eternal life - Trailer German

Pitch Perfect 2

Pitch Perfect Universal source (2)© Universal

Even the first &# 8220; Pitch Perfect&# 8221; film was a surprise hit and its sequel, conquered the top of the German box office and even before the great action movie &# 8220; Mad Max: Fury Road&# 8221; , The that means something, but is not entirely unjustified, because the refreshingly witty comedy has in addition to the great Rebel Wilson also fleet to bawdy jokes that could easily have passed for two films. Whoever that is, a track like rough, which makes the non-starter &# 8220; Top Five&# 8221; With Chris rock best lie to the left and looks to a cappella girls from &# 8220; Pitch Perfect 2&# 8243; their hefty singing competitions to.

Click here for our detailed criticism Pitch Perfect 2

In &# 8220; Pitch Perfect 2&# 8243;  the Barden Bellas be disqualified after a failed appearance before the US president of all singing competitions. Allen? Not quite! As would be the World Cup, but has been used for years by the (how could it be otherwise) German band &# 8220; The Sound Machine&# 8221; dominated. So stereotypical rich that now may sound so funny these stereotypes are pulled through the mud and it's just fun, Anna Kendrick watch and Co. and of course listen!

&# 8221; Pitch Perfect 2&# 8243; appears at 30/12/2015 on DVD.

&# 8221; Pitch Perfect 2&# 8243; Pre-order now on Amazon on DVD / Blu-ray & to buy*Funny Movies 2015: The best comedies of the year & amp; which we look forward

698Pitch Perfect 2 Trailer German

Spy &# 8211; Susan Cooper Undercover

Melissa McCarthy© 20th Century Fox

The currently most popular and most present comedian can not be missing in our list, of course. In its launched in July, latest film &# 8220; Spy &# 8211; Susan Cooper Undercover&# 8221; allowed to &Brautalarm; # 8220&# 8221; -Star Melissa McCarthy as prevented CIA agent really let off steam. After the of Jude Law delightfully greasy embodied tip Agent came when used killed the gray office mouse Susan Cooper aka Melissa McCarthy needs to show what she has and the spy front it is lucky for us viewers not just free of clumsiness.

Click here for our criticism Spy - Susan Cooper Undercover and interviews with Melissa McCarthy and Jason Statham

In &# 8220; Spy &# 8211; Susan Cooper Undercover&# 8221; hailing it next successful action sequences a gag after another, of which indeed miss a few their goal, but most burn. For fans of bawdy, action-packed entertainment that comedy is by Paul Feig In any case just right. As a special highlight there is a good-humored Jason Statham on top of which moved with obvious joy his image as a tough action hero through the mud.

&# 8220; Spy &# 8211; Susan Cooper Undercover&# 8221; appears at 02/10/2015 on DVD.

&# 8220; Spy &# 8211; Susan Cooper Undercover&# 8221; Pre-order now on Amazon on DVD / Blu-ray & to buy*Funny Movies 2015: The best comedies of the year & amp; which we look forward

1479Spy - Susan Cooper undercover - Trailer German

So, they were our top five of the funniest comedies of 2015. Since the year but around only half, follows on the next page, our outlook in which I could not help me to install a personal recommendation.


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