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OpenAL download is a stand under the LGPL API (application programming interface), can be integrated for example in computer games with the sound effects.

What's OpenGL for graphics, is the OpenAL download for sound. OpenAL is Open Audio Library and is a platform independent, under the LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License) standing API (programming interface), with which you can incorporate, among other 3D sound effects and surround sound in applications. The main application area of ​​OpenAL download are computer games, but the API can be used for many other audio applications. The names Relatives OpenGL is not random, both libraries can be shared in the development of an application, also the OpenAL download also supports hardware acceleration.

OpenAL: Download and install

OpenAL is downloaded via the offered download link as a ZIP file that contains an installer. This one simply executes with a double and confirms the apparent license agreement with the ?? OK ?? - Button. A moment later, the installation is already complete and the programming interface can be used.


OpenAL Download: These programming languages ​​can be used with the tool

OpenAL itself is written in the C programming language, but it can also be used various other languages ​​in order to drive the API. These include C ++, PHP, Java and Python.

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