Tablet no longer goes to: solutions and support

The tablet being increasingly replaced the traditional desktop PC. For quick future reference messages Check the Facebook feeds or apps in between the tablet is easy to pass the time on the couch or on the go. Annoying it is when the tablet is no longer terms. Below you learn what you can do if their own tablet stops responding when trying to start.

Tablet no longer goes to: solutions and support

That an Android tablet will not start, of course, can have many causes. An error in the software or the operating system may be responsible for ensuring that the tablet PC at boot hangs or prevent defective hardware a start of the unit.


Tablet no longer goes on and will not charge?

Tablet no longer goes to: solutions and supportFirst you should check, of course, whether the battery of the tablet even still has power.

  • Closes the device to a power supply, waiting a few minutes. Possibly the battery is so deeply discharged that the charging process is noticeable on the screen with the known charging icon after a few minutes.
  • If the charging lead to no result, the charging cable checked for any errors or a cable break. May not be the tablet PC broke, but just the cable. Swaps the USB cable and performs the charging operation again.
  • If charging still does not work, the battery may be defective or outdated. Here one can not get away from exchanging the battery.

Help, tablet no longer goes to &# 8211; what to do?

And software errors such. As a bad Android update may be responsible for ensuring that the tablet no longer wants to tackle. In such cases, it helps to reset the device to factory settings. The process for the factory reset differs from manufacturer to manufacturer. So it all depends on whether you have an Acer, Samsung or even Windows tablet. By the reset While all data, so deleted personal files from the tablet, however, the operation of this unit can so often to recover.

A Galaxy Tab z can. be as it is switched off by a key combination reset.

  • Expresses this same time the power button, the volume up button and the home button.
  • Hold down as long as the three keys until the Android logo appear on the screen.
  • About the volume buttons you can navigate in the visible menu.
  • Controls the "wipe data / factory reset" entry and confirmed by the on / off button.
  • Confirms the message "Yes - deleta all user data" with the power button.
  • Now the device is reset. This process can take several minutes.shutterstock_306544139

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So ye set your Android device back (video):

167453Android undo

Tablet no longer goes to? Solutions and aids

can be reset via a supplied software to factory settings a tablet usually also on the PC. Now, the tablet should start properly again. If these suggestions do not help, is probably possible before serious damage to the unit. Especially in older tablets should try to replace the battery, in other cases it hardly comes around to a professional repair.

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