stream movies and blockbuster online for free – Is that legal?

With her latest movie blockbusters and top films gets free from the most popular genres via online streaming on your computer or other devices. Sounds tempting and it is for many users also &# 8211; but is legal? And what can happen in the worst case, if you look We clarify.

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331800Film Streams on the Internet: What is legal? When threatened with a warning? GIGA clarifies

 The Internet has changed a lot, especially how to deal with media. you wanted sooner watch a movie or a new series, you had to either go to the movies at the specified time turn on the TV. Today it is much more flexible because &# 8211; Thanks to ubiquitous Internet connections and fast transfer speeds pulling out all the content easily from the net. Especially for movies and series current hits like The Walking Dead, there are now many sites that offer a free online stream. This includes the provider &# 8211; but that's even legal? stream movies for free

Start Photogallery(10 images)Football on TV and Stream: Here there are all games Blockbuster free Online Stream is a partner portal of the known side Burning Series &# 8211; but while especially streaming-known and popular series is at this platform in the foreground, turns at all about cinema films. According to information has over 40,000 films on offer, including of course the latest movie blockbuster from many popular genres. Unlike paid providers like Netflix, Amazon Video or max cathedrals is completely free &# 8211; it simply calls the film and begin to stream.

That sounds great, but at the same time gives to think many users: Why not spend money on movies, can draw on sites like from the net if you look at it all (or at least many) free? Therefore, the question is always, understandably again: Is this actually allowed?

watch free series: the best legal sources on the net

Is legal?

The question of whether is legal, can not be easily answered, because this is a complex and controversial issue, which itself can not clarify beyond doubt lawyers. On the one hand is there, of course, obvious to copyright infringement &# 8211; and that can also be punished. on the other hand argue the operators of sites like that one not offering the films themselves and hoste, but only to operators such as streaming cloud etc. Link. goes so far that you actively distances itself from the content offered on the page. To link to any copyrighted movies you have no control, as this will be swallowed up of volunteers who are connected in any way with the operators of the site. To what extent this is true, it is difficult to verify, of course, &# 8211; this may only be a defensive statement of also easy.

What happens when you streaming movies on

In general, it is difficult to assess at the moment whether the possible consequences or even penalties for the use of a portal as threatening. So far, there have been no cases in which users have been punished with warnings &# 8211; However, this does not mean that this will continue in the future. Nothing is even discussed among lawyers whether streaming is illegal in future &# 8211; until now always spoke of a &# 8220; legal gray area&# 8221 ;.

Regardless of whether you face penalties, you should a portal as Better do not use:

  • The quality of the films on offer is from experience not great &# 8211; especially with modern HD televisions falling on the more clearly.
  • When you call a movie, you have to expect that install undetected malware and other viruses on the computer with advertisements and annoying pop-ups.
  • In the worst case, the stream stops at the most exciting place because the connection to the provider depends.
  • Apart from that you behave naturally unfair to the filmmakers who invest much time and money to keep you entertained at a high level.

Therefore: Stay away from and other sites and keep you prefer to legal alternatives like Amazon Video * or Netflix. Here you get for relatively small amounts and very fair access to a huge range of films and series, all streams you can enjoy the best HD quality and you have to make you not worry about any legal consequences.

test Amazon Instant Video for free*

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