Google IP: What is the IP address of the largest search engine?

Each web page has also has an IP address, and in some situations it may be helpful to know this. After many Internet users have made clever already have their own IP address, they wonder, under which IP address they can find certain websites. That's why some readers have already asked, "How exactly is Google IP?" We want to answer it to you.

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If you surf as normal through the Internet, one need not usually worry about IP addresses to make the web pages where you end up straight. to know the IP address of a Web page, can be useful in different situations. For example, if a DNS error, check their a connection, create a blacklist or whitelist or simply just want to see if a web crawler a specific web page has dropped in on your own site.

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Google IP - What is the IP address of the search engine giant?

As easy as a phone number, it is not with IP addresses. Although small sites such as blogs, promotional appearances and other frequently only one IP address, but even these must have thanks virtual host does not include compulsory only for this one website. Moreover, there is not THE Google IP because Webriesen like Google, Amazon, Facebook & Co. have several thousand servers and are thus achieve under a variety of IP addresses.

Google IP

Thus, Google occupies entire IP ranges that can lead you to the search engine. Similarly, a Google IP addresses can also lead to nothing if the server behind it just has problems or is subject to maintenance. When entering the ordinary URL you would be automatically redirected to the next addressable server.

A small section of the IP addresses used by Google, we have listed to you here:

  • &# 8211;
  • &# 8211;

How can you even find out IP addresses from Google and other websites, we tell you in the following section.

find out IP addresses from websites

To even the IP address of a Web page to find out is not much needed. With a Windows PC you can ping example, any URL and then see exactly which IP address is used for this. On websites such as InfoByIp you can still more details to the server to find out the location and more. To ping a website in Windows, it just goes as follows:

  1. Presses the key combination Win key + R to open the Run dialog.
  2. Typed here "cmd" to launch the console.
  3. In the console then you give the following command:

    ping [URL]
    For example: ping

  4. Now your PC is trying to ping the entered website and shows you which IP address he used for it.
    Ping Google IP
  5. At the following IP address should then be to find the appropriate page.

As explained above, however, are under an IP address various websites. So it's not always that you land even with the website that you have pinged her before.

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