Bundesliga: Master-star on the jersey – system and distribution

Taking a close look at the jerseys of Bundesliga teams, can be found in some representatives on the team logo, one or more stars. But what do the stars and the system by which the decorations are distributed?

Bundesliga: Master-star on the jersey - system and distribution

In awarding the champion stars on the jersey in the Bundesliga, the German Football League (DFL) has developed its own system. Below you will find the criteria for the champion stars in Germany.

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Bundesliga: What do the stars on the jersey?

Bundesliga: Master-star on the jersey - system and distributionThe stars of the Bundesliga team's jerseys, there is only since the 2004/2005 season. The system is mandatory for the teams of the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga. In the lower divisions other rules for awarding the title star apply. Here, the German Football Association (DFB) is responsible for drafting the regulations. Even if the stars can be found on the shirts only since 2004, the award is governed by the championships since the first Bundesliga season 1963/1964. The award works on the following system:

  • From 3 Championships: 1 Star
  • From 5 Championships: 2 stars
  • From 10 Championships: 3 stars
  • From 20 Championships: 4 stars

2015 Bayern Munich for the 25th time German champion. A fifth star is not there but on the new jersey, the DFL provides only a maximum of four stars in front. Is not changed the system, Bayern will therefore still accumulate even after the 50th German championship with four stars on his chest.

Other Bundesliga teams with Master stars:

  • Borussia Dortmund: 2 stars (5 title)
  • Borussia Mönchangladbach: 2 stars (5 championships)
  • Werder Bremen: 1 star (4 championships)
  • Hamburger SV: 1 star (3 championships)
  • VfB Stuttgart: 1 star (3 championships)

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Bundesliga: Master-star on the jersey - System and distribution (1st, 2nd league and from Regional)

Bundesliga: Master-star on the jersey - system and distributionTeams in the lower divisions can rely on the DFB rules for the award of the Masters stars. It so happens that numerous teams of the former GDR are allowed to wear a star on the chest. The awarding of honors based on the above system, it however, GDR championships and league titles before 1963 are used in the award with. Even teams that have just won a championship must wear a star in Regional and Co..

The stars are being born in many other European countries on the jersey. In Italy, France and Sweden, there is another star after ten championships. In England and Spain waives star on the jerseys. Teams may ever won World Cup wearing a star on the jersey chest. Since 2014, therefore four stars adorn the DFB jersey. Record champions Brazil contributes five, Italy also has four stars on the jersey.

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