Pay in advance: What does this mean?

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If you order online goods can select a rule between different payment options. In addition to the credit card or PayPal belonging "Pay in advance" of the most common methods. But what exactly does "pay in advance" with?

Pay in advance: What does this mean?

As can be inferred from the name, in advance, the goods must first be paid so that they can go on trips. Typically, this payment method is the payment of an item purchased by bank transfer on eBay and co.

Pay in advance: What does this mean?

Pay in advance: meaning and how long does it take?

The money will be transferred, it is often credited with the same financial institution already within minutes to the account of the seller. In inter-bank transfers must be expected with a transfer of funds from one to three days. The seller sends the goods go only when the money is received. therefore, the payment in advance / bank transfer is one of the slowest payment methods.

  • Do you want to pay in advance also at larger retailers respect the exact money orders.
  • Often a username must use as an invoice or purchase order number, or at least be given.
  • Only then is it possible for the seller to associate with the large number of recorded cash receipts, your payment to your order.
  • Is the use incorrectly or not specified, the processing of your order takes any longer or can not be posted.
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Pay in advance: Risks

Paying in advance is one for the dealer to the safest payment ways. For buyers result from this same dangers. Should be about an incorrect account number on the bank transfer are given, the money can not be retrieved easily. Even if the seller does not deliver after receiving money, you have more trouble when paying in advance as such. B. at the PayPal payment.

Pay in advance: What does this mean?

Have you ordered something, what should be paid in advance and then want the items but no longer have, you can not simply deny the transfer. By purchasing a contract of sale has been concluded, who, regardless of the delivery prior to the payment and the payment method portfolio.

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