FIFA 16 Playing career: tips and tricks for Virtual Pro

In FIFA 16 you have another opportunity to start your own playing career to rise from promising talent to the next Diego Maradona. In playing career, you take the role of a single professionals and feeds it to the top of world football.

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To succeed, you will find below some tips and tricks that you should consider it while playing career in FIFA 16th

FIFA 16 Playing career: the own player

At the beginning you created for the career mode your alter ego and distributes a limited number of points on your players attributes.

  • Pay attention during the game to your e-mail from the team manager and board to keep track of the performance targets identified.
  • In addition, find there useful information on how you can improve your skills as a player.
  • Among other things, this is achieved by regular training and exercises.

So you can be the superstar of your league, you should familiarize yourself with the control of professionals. Besides the usual control options for pass, shot and Co. are in the playing career further actions to communicate on the court:

  • call for passport edge: X / A
  • Triangle / Y: forward pass call / excite
  • stimulate shot: Circle / B

For information on controlling their place in the FIFA 16 manual.

Additionally, there is the Be-A-Pro Mode various assistance on the screen for the current game. Do you see some arrows you your players should fast for an ideal position for the game displayed position move. A linesman flag appears when you stand with the Be-A-Pro kicker offside.

FIFA 16 Playing career: tips and tricks for Virtual Pro

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FIFA 16 Playing career: it is possible to improve the players and change club

  • Especially at the beginning you should hope you no inserts with larger teams, after all, your basic strength is still too low and the competition for Bayern, Juventus and Co. correspondingly high.
  • With your services you also affects whether you can change a player to another club. Starts her as a young player at a top team, it is quite realistic that you will initially awarded to smaller clubs to get some match practice. Using the settings you can own a transfer under "My Pro" - asked "My Actions".
  • Do you want to be captain of a team, it is recommended to start a playing career as a midfielder. As captain you can z. call as a Virtual Pro quick tactics in the game.
  • Find the "Services" their various tasks that you can meet her in order to get new capabilities for Pro.
  • So you get a good evaluation at the end of the game, it is not only to score goals. Rather, you should also have shown a decent position game, many successful passes and dribbling, templates and duels in the game.
  • Of course, you ought to be careful with the ambition. If you demand every ball, bad passes are inevitable, do you want you to take care of any attacker already in the attacking half, you will run out of steam halfway through.

FIFA 16 Playing career: tips and tricks for Virtual ProIf you einseht that you can rip anything as a player, you can footballer in the playing career even hanging on the nail and earn your merit as a coach. With us you will find this the best talent in FIFA 16th

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