Solution: WhatsApp shows only numbers instead contact name

Every now and then suddenly shows WhatsApp in the contact list to only the phone numbers instead of the actual name. We show how you can solve the problem.

WhatsApp suddenly shows only numbers instead contact name.WhatsApp suddenly shows only numbers instead contact name.

WhatsApp shows only numbers instead contact name

Solution 1:

  • Starts your phone again.
  • Update your WhatsApp contacts. For that WhatsApp has a built-in option.
  • How to do this, you can see in our Photogallery
Start Photogallery(4 images)Update WhatsApp contact list (illustrated guide)

Solution 2:

  1. Opens the settings of your smartphone and navigate to accounts and taps Whatsapp.
  2. Typed here again Whatsapp.
  3. Tapping the top right of the three inter-arranged points and selects Remove account out.
    Note: The switch in the contact synchronization should be set to "On".

    Removes here first the WhatsApp account.Removes here first the WhatsApp account.

  4. Opens WhatsApp and updated your WhatsApp contacts again by you open the contact list, tapping the three points and top right To update selects.
  5. The WhatsApp account therefore appears again in your Google Account list.
  6. the phone starts if necessary.

If the issue continues to occur, under certain circumstances prevent blocked app permissions that WhatsApp does not work properly.

Solution 3:

  1. Opens the settings of the smartphone.
  2. Change to: Apps, WhatsApp, permissions.
    Depending on Android versions the menu items may differ.
  3. First activated all permissions and start your phone again.
Android: So you navigated to the WhatsApp permissions.Android: So you navigated to the WhatsApp permissions.

Then, when everything is working properly again, one of the restricted privileges was to blame. Otherwise remains reinstall nor the WhatsApp option.

Solution 4:

  1. Edited contacts and see if the names are still right in the phone book entries of your smartphone.
  2. Under certain circumstances, you have to create a new contact, transmit the data and delete the old, faulty contact.
  3. WhatsApp is then synchronize the new contact and correctly display again in the chat list.

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