Enable Silverlight (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer) – Here’s how

You can Silverlight in Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer activate to play certain videos in the browser. We show you how. However, the plugin was disabled in almost all browsers. Then you can fall back on an older browser version.

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  • What is Silverlight and what is it needed?

Silverlight requires you to play certain videos in the browser, for example on Sky Go *. Most Browser does not support the Silverlight plugin more.

If the provider does not offer HTML5 version to play the video, you will annoyed by error messages that you should install Silverlight and enable but please.

Below you can see at which, and how to activate the plugin in older browser versions.

Enable Silverlight

  • Silverlight installed (for Windows | Mac) or updated, if not already done.
  • Starts the computer.
  • After that, the Silverlight plugin automatically activated in the browsers.

Danger: If you older browser versions uses, considering that these vulnerabilities can have.


Firefox supports Silverlight not from version 52 more. If you are dependent on Silverlight, you can install an old version of Firefox. In previous versions, you could activate the plugin like this:

  1. selects the icon with the three horizontal lines and click the top right Add-ons out.
  2. Links you click on the menu item Plugins and sets the entry in the right Silverlight plug-in on always enable.
Here you could activate 52 Silverlight before Firefox verison.Here you could activate 52 Silverlight before Firefox verison.


Since Chrome version 45 the browser no longer supports the Silverlight plugin (NPAPI plugin). Older versions of Chrome can be found here. For this you Silverlight enabled so:

  1. Copies following line in the Chrome address bar and press Enter:
    chrome: // settings / content # exceptions plugins
  2. Click on the button in the window Finished.
  3. Adds now following line in the address bar, and confirms:
    chrome: // flags / # enable-NPAPI
  4. Click there under the lettering enable NPAPI on the link Activate.
Here you activate the Silverlight plug-in Chrome browser version before 45thHere you activate the Silverlight plug-in Chrome browser version before 45th

Internet Explorer

In newer versions of Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge (in Windows 10) the Silverlight plugin does not work anymore. So it goes in old browsers:

  1. Click on the top right gear-Icon and choose Manage Add-ons out.
  2. In the new window you choose in Show in the entry drop-down menu All add-ons out.

    Internet Explorer: To activate your Silverlight.Internet Explorer: To activate your Silverlight.

  3. Click on the list Toolbars and Extensions on Microsoft Silverlight.
  4. Click on the button below Activate.

In the column status you see if Silverlight is enabled.


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