WhatsApp: New number? Account transfer made easy

Have you worried you a new phone or a new mobile phone contract, you get often also assigned a new number. That you may not re-maintain all contacts with the move to a new device, you must enter all information, such as the status of new and can take over your settings, you can link the new number in WhatsApp with your existing account. Find out here what you need to do if you want to WhatsApp transmitted.

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Although this feature appears quite trivial, but the developers of the Messengers have just created with the update of 2014, the possibility of setting up a new number for an existing account in WhatsApp. The background is that in general it is possible to WhatsApp only to use an account with only a single device.

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WhatsApp: New number with old phone

Before updating your previous settings, contacts and other data from the old account WhatsApp went missing when their WhatsApp you got installed on another device and therefore assigned a new number. Do you want to change the new number for WhatsApp, both the old number yet, and the new number must already be active, speak text messages and calls must be received on both devices. For changing the number WhatsApp now has "Change number" own function.

  • In this way, all account information, profile information, groups and settings are transferred.
  • The chat history is retained even if the number change on the phone.

WhatsApp: New number? Account transfer made easy

Opens in the newly installed WhatsApp version the settings and "account" selected. Here the option is "no change". Skips the hint and now give the top line the old phone number, in the second line the new Number for WhatsApp on. Confirmed with "Finish" and WhatsApp assumes all settings from the old account into your WhatsApp on the new smartphone. In addition to the settings and your status, profile and all WhatsApp messages are transmitted from the chat history. The old number, and the account will be deleted from WhatsApp. So you can send with the old device no longer use that account WhatsApp messages. Give your contacts with the number changes, so that they can be reached via WhatsApp you continue.

In new versions WhatsApp friends and contacts are automatically notified when changing the number using WhatsApp. So you make sure that your contacts can remain after the change with you in contact. It is still unclear exactly how to operate this function. However, one should be able to choose not to automatically receive all members of the contact list information on the new WhatsApp number.

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WhatsApp: New number, existing user account

This of course does not mean that WhatsApp has become unusable on the old device. Uninstalled the Messenger app on the old device and install it again. Now you can check out a new WhatsApp number can be assigned, if you want to write about in parallel with two accounts or will leave the mobile phone to another user, who also want to take WhatsApp.

WhatsApp: New number? Account transfer made easy

Setting up the new number for WhatsApp offers itself not only when you get a new number with a new mobile phone contract, but z. As well as for a few days on vacation using a SIM card from abroad, thus saving roaming charges and still do not want to do without your daily dose WhatsApp messages.

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WhatsApp: transferring old chats on new number

Do you want existing chats from WhatsApp transferred, you can chat history in a few steps back up.

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Calls this the app's settings and controls the &# 8220; Chat Settings&# 8221; at. can here the option is &Backup chat history; # 8220&# 8221 ;. Chooses this and waits until the backup is created. the smartphone connects now to the computer via USB. Controls the folder &# 8220; WhatsApp / Databases&# 8221; on the on smartphone. There all backup files that have been created by the Messenger findetn. This includes all previously made chats. Looks up the file with the latest date in the name. Copies them.

In this way you can transfer the course of WhatsApp and save it on the hard drive. Messenger can be installed on the new device now, but you should not be started. Before the first start you connect the app also via USB to the PC. Now the previously saved profile is transferred to the same location on the new device for WhatsApp. When you first start the new number of WhatsApp is verifizert. In the next step, the stored profile can be restored.

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