Twitch download: How does the video download?

The Internet circulate many tools that you can download videos from Twitch her. However, as the twitch download videos work? There are other methods to twitch video download? And is that even legal? The answers be found in the following article.

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Twitch one of the most popular live streaming platforms at all. About 45 million users look at streams of games such as Minecraft, League of Legends and Star Craft 2 each month. What do you do but if you are not online just yet do not want to give up your favorite stream? The obvious solution: The download of Twitch videos.

TwitchTwitch is the beliebsteste streaming platform for video games.

Twitch download &# 8211; What are the options?

Twitch itself offers innately no way to download videos. On the Internet, so there are numerous tools that you can store on your hard drive to the stream. Some of the better known:

  • Video downloader Twitch Apps
  • Twitch Tools
  • Twitch down

The principle is relatively similar for all suppliers of Twitch downloads: You give the name of the channel or a specific URL. The tool then generates a download link, you can download the video you then with her. The Twitch Stream Key you do not need this, incidentally. Below, we explain the process for the Twitch video downloader, the other tools work as I said but almost identical.

  1. First, you give the name of the channel in the text Fester. You have the choice whether all broadcasts or just the highlights are displayed.
  2. Then you click on View.
  3. The following list shows the videos of the channel are displayed. Right next to the name of the video you see a download button. To download it click on it.
  4. This opens a new window with the download link. Click the link and the download starts.
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Twitch download &# 8211; downloading Other options twitch Videos

The above pages are a simple way to Twitch video downloading, but the download size is usually limited to 2-3 hours, since these tools have not unlimited bandwidth. To get around this, you can use the open source tool JDownloader - this is also the record of 6 hours streams no problem. However fits when you install the program on - Jdownloader tried to install some toolbars and similar junk software.

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Download Twitch video - Is this legal?

Here we are in the famous gray zone. In purely legal terms, the answer is: no. The download of Twitch video is loud and conditions of Twitch expressly prohibited. There it says:

The terms prohibit the downloading of individual components, materials or information from Twitch, unless it is permitted in individual cases.

In practice, no cases have so far not been notified, where readers were sued for downloading Twitch videos. As long as you save the twitch videos only on your own hard drive and does not distribute commercially or otherwise makes like money, you should at Twitch download happen. Twitch itself however seems to have accurately recognized that there is a potential source of problems is: the sound is now hidden to take licensing actions of the music industry the wind out of the sails on numerous older Twitch videos.

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