YouTube videos not load – By this it may be

Weekend or lunch break and you want reinziehen the latest episode of radio GIGA you for now. But it is, unfortunately, nothing, because all YouTube videos not load. There are several reasons why YouTube videos are no longer loaded, we call you some of the most common reasons and how you can take action against it.

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Update 7/22/2014, 11:30 am As you've probably already found very slowly or not load Google requests, Google services like the Play Store and, indeed, YouTube videos currently. The situation is most likely related to a problem with Deutsche Telekom, has the problems in providing the content.

but is not affected by uploading videos that runs at normal speed. A temporary bridge will constitute browser addons like Turbo for YouTube (Google Chrome), which is reportedly the problem will accelerate temporarily to load YouTube videos.

Working with us on this checklist to see YouTube videos. Help all our wisdom nothing, then the problem is probably with Google's servers and you must simply wait a bit. Yet you can anyway degree view any videos, you can carry with us these helpful tips.

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YouTube videos not load - Possible Causes

There are several factors that can affect whether or not YouTube videos load. Take some of the most famous can you into their own hands. We show you how:

youtube-slow-bufferingApologies, but the YouTube video can currently not be loaded

1. YouTube videos not load: update Flash and Java

To view YouTube videos, you need the Adobe Flash Player and Java. These should always be up to date, which not only applies to YouTube, but for all Internet services. Are you sure you do not know or even very well that you have not made any necessary updates more quite a while, would be to think of a new installation.

Uninstall it through Control Panel both Adobe Flash Player and Java, invite you both tools again and run the latest version and installs it. All browser windows must be closed for this before.

After installation, you should verify that the add-ons are enabled in your browser.

2. YouTube videos not load: Refresh browser

What is true for addons, of course, also counts for the Web browser. Unless you have the not switched off manually, all your used browser should always update itself. If not, it would once again time for an update.

  • download Internet Explorer
  • download Mozilla Firefox
  • download Google Chrome

3. YouTube videos not load: check firewall

Unless you go through a router on the Internet, it does not require additional software firewall on your PC. This can lead to, for example, YouTube videos, but also other services on the Web, are blocked and thus not load YouTube videos.

Goes quiet again it safe and inquired if your router is protected by a firewall and finally disabled the additional firewall software installed on your computer.

4. YouTube videos not load: disable TuneUp

Who wants their PC to "pimp" a little, quickly grabs for TuneUp Utilities and Co. and makes his computer while a little more performance, but even all sorts of blockages can thus lay in the way.

Uninstalls all tuning software on your PC and try again whether YouTube videos will load.

Are now gone through it all points and upload YouTube videos still do not, we do not know how to go. Since it is likely to wait until YouTube and Google have fixed the issue on their own.

On the subject:

  • Upload videos and send links &# 8211; so is&# 8217; s even without YouTube

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