Snapchat hourglass: What does that mean? explains meaning easy

ie Snapchat hourglass appears after the name of the person since the most recent update of Snapchat in numerous contacts. But what does that mean exactly? And what is the reason that the Snapchat hourglass appears suddenly? In our guide you can find the answers.

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Snapchat: Hourglass since the last update

Snapchat is probably one of the most hyped Apps in recent memory. The instant messenger with can be images, videos and snapshots (snaps) can be extremely popular with younger &# 8211; Snapchat is now to make on the way Facebook and other competitors, to which also contribute to the continuous updates that add new features constantly.

Since the most recent update will be as in numerous contacts an hourglass &# 8211; Unfortunately, it is not clear what the Emoji actually means. Many users wonder therefore at the moment: What's the Snapchat Hourglass anyway? In this article we will reveal it to you.

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Snapchat hourglass: explains meaning easy

The Snapchat Hourglass is related to a feature together, that's part of the app since the last update of Snapchat: the so-called Snapchat Streaks.

Snapchat HourglassThe Snapchat Sandduhr warns you before that the Snapstreak with your friend ends soon.
  • Snapstreaks be marked with a small yellow flame behind the name of the contact and mean that you with that person have exchanged a snap in the last 24 hours (No chat message).
  • So are a Snapstreaks &# 8220; Series&# 8221; that you can maintain their ever by exchanging their new snaps.
  • That's where the Snapchat Hourglass comes into play: The hourglass next to the contact shows you that the end Snapstreak soon becomes.
  • The hourglass is a kind of warning sign, according to the motto: The clock is ticking.
  • How much time is left, this will not clear &# 8211; but you can easily calculate it to you even if it looks up when you replace a snap to contact you for the last time.

Learn more about Snapstreaks, the hourglass and other emoji in Snapchat be found on the official support page Snapchat.

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What should the Snapchat Hourglass?

The question remains: What should the Snapchat watch? And really you need those features? The future will show whether the users accept the new features and use &# 8211; but the intention of Snapchat developer is relatively obvious: With the Snapchat Hourglass want to encourage users of Snapchat to as many snaps back and herzuschicken. Thus Snapchat want to be a direct competitor to other gr0ßen Messenger apps, such as establish the Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.

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Snapchat has numerous in recent times to new  &# 8211; sometimes more, sometimes less meaningful &# 8211; Features introduced. Sponsored swap can you as Replace the faces of friends, also can you also Snapchat- create and edit story.

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