WhatsApp: blocking bypass or cancel – how does that work?

WhatsApp has now set at most smartphones in this country and is one of the first points of contact for the everyday, asynchronous communication. Do you have proven yourself Stinkstiefel, it may well be that you will be blocked at WhatsApp.

Once blocked, you can not write another. Do you want to contact the appropriate person necessarily, you can blocking at WhatsApp with a little effort round.

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Was one blocked by a WhatsApp contact, you can see either the "last online" status, nor the profile picture. Own sent messages also no longer arrive at the person. this lock can be picked up only directly from the respective WhatsApp users. In such cases, the test comes into play to bypass the blockage.

WhatsApp: blocking bypass or cancel - how does that work?

  • In early WhatsApp versions it was still possible to keep talking with actually blocked people in a group chat.
  • If you wanted to bypass the blockage, just a new WhatsApp group with your account, the blocking-person and another participant had to be created.
  • In recent updates, the WhatsApp developers have, however, eliminates this detour.

Nevertheless, there is still an alternative path by which the WhatsApp block can be cut short by others.

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WhatsApp: blocking bypass or cancel - is that possible?

To lock WhatsApp only draws on the registered number. Will you, therefore, to a person who has actually forbidden for you to contact, write, can change their WhatsApp your number.

  • Controls for this is the "Settings" and "Account" choose options.
  • Here, the function finds "no change".
  • Note that you must re WhatsApp verify if the number is changed.
  • Since the verification code is usually sent via SMS to the stored number, you choose instead the verification via phone call.
  • WhatsApp is now re-registered, you can continue to annoy the blocking person at WhatsApp.
  • Of course you can also simply a new WhatsApp account for. B. with a new SIM card, create to get back in touch with the person.
  • Note that you vornehmt not too many new verifications at WhatsApp with your phone because your account can be closed as a result.

WhatsApp: blocking bypass or cancel - how does that work?

Blocked in WhatsApp? Deal with new account

If selecting the new number does not work, you can set up a completely new account on the smartphone.

  1. First, you must delete the existing WhatsApp account from your phone. Selects this settings in the app and controls the "Account" section.
  2. Here you can select "My Account Delete" option. Note that settings and chats could be lost in this way.
  3. Deletes WhatsApp completely from the iPhone or Android smartphone.
  4. WhatsApp installed new.
  5. Aimed WhatsApp as usual new one and give it a mobile phone number for verification.
  6. Synchronize your contact list. You should now again with all your contacts can write.

However, attentionThere is a reason why you were blocked. Do not go to the appropriate person on the nerves and not contacted them if DER or that do not want contact. Harassing and stalking can be considered a criminal offense.

 Original article of 8 September 2015 last updated on July 3, 2017th

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