Whatsapp: change notification on or off (Android + iOS)

You want to change the notification sound in WhatsApp or turn it off completely equal? And maybe use your own ringtone? No problem, in this short and simple guide we'll show you how to do it &# 8211; Frame by frame.

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Tip: If you want to disable the sound in the PC version of WhatsApp: WhatsApp for Windows PC: clear sound - Here&# 8217; s.

Difference between alert tones in WhatsApp

WhatsApp generally are two different notifications: (1) the normal notification during chats with individuals and (2) the notification for a group chat. So you can set a different tone than for chats with a single chat partner for group messages. This can make sense if you would like to know which one of whom received a message or without having to look at the smartphone.

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Start Photogallery(5 pictures)recall WhatsApp message: Instructions

Change notification in WhatsApp

If you would like to change the notification, it proceeds as follows.


The easiest way is our Photogallery with the detailed explanation:

Whatsapp for Android: Change Message tone - manual frame by frame

A shorter explanation can be found here:

  1. To make the settings for the various sounds, clicking into WhatsApp Settings.
  2. To click on the three dots at top right.
  3. Then you click on Alerts and get the following window:WhatsApp_ton1
  4. Under the sub-item notifications can adjust the settings for individual chats.
  5. Notification clicks to select a particular tone, which is stored on your phone. This tone then sounds for all notifications. Of course you can also provide your own sounds. How to do this, we will tell you below.
  6. If you have a special ringtone for individual contacts, for example, the girlfriend or the boyfriend set, you'll get this sound for WhatsApp messages from that person, when the hook is set for tone for contacts. To assign a ring tone to a single contact in general, opens her your Contacts app, click on the corresponding contact and accept the change.
  7. Furthermore, you can even set how long vibrate the phone and if a pop-up notification to appear. This is a small box in the middle of the screen which provides information on the current notification and after a short time again disappear by itself. Can be handy, I personally find it rather annoying
  8. If an LED is installed in your smartphone that can display multiple colors, you can adjust in the dark, what color is to light up the LED.

at group notifications the settings are analogous:WhatsApp_ton2If you want to set individual ringtones for WhatsApp (ie sound files that you downloaded from the Internet or similar) looks on the second page of this article.


The detailed instructions in the Photogallery:

Whatsapp for iOS: Change Message tone - manual frame by frame*

A shorter instructions:

  1. To make the settings for the various sounds, clicking into WhatsApp Settings.
  2. To click the gear bottom right.
  3. Then you click on Alerts and get the following window (click to enlarge):IMG-20140528-WA0003IMG-20140528-WA0004
  4. Click on new message or group message to select a particular tone that is stored on your smartphone. This tone then sounds for all notifications or all notifications group.
  5. Furthermore, you can even specify whether the iPhone also vibrate and sounds will play if you find yourself just in WhatsApp.


On the next page we'll tell you how adjusting their own sound files as alert sounds or switch the sound off issues.

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