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her 10 with the Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant can Windows even after the 07.29.2016 free and install it on your PC for free. The thus installed Windows 10 is fully valid and is another Windows 10 versions in every way.

Microsoft has 10 set the offer for the free installation of Windows now. However, you can continue to receive the operating system for free. The Windows tool 10 Upgrade Wizard installs Windows 10 you continue to charge on your PC.

Where is the catch? Actually nowhere: Microsoft offers Windows 10 for people who use assistive technology - so-called assistive technologies - to continue free. These reinstall the operating system then the Windows 10 Upgrade Wizard.

The Windows 10 Update Assistant you install the operating system still free.With the Windows 10 Upgrade Wizard you installed the operating system still free.

Windows 10 Upgrade Wizard

After you've downloaded the assistant Windows 10 upgrade, you start him on the EXE file. Then you must first accept the displayed software license agreement from Microsoft to free install Windows 10th Thereafter, it is checked whether your PC is compatible with Windows 10 by the size of CPU, memory and disk space are read. For this, you at least 20 GB of free space must have on your hard drive. Otherwise, a notice will be displayed.

Windows 10 Update Assistant: Here's file.Windows 10 Upgrade Wizard: Here's file.

The Windows 10 upgrade wizard then starts the normal Windows 10 installation routine. Once this is finished, your free Windows 10 is ready for use.

Note: The Windows 10 upgrade wizard installs a standard Windows 10 without drawbacks. More information can be found on the website: 10 install Windows even now for free (after July 29, 2016) - goes way&# 8217; s.


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