WhatsApp: Archive chat and restore

Who chats with many contacts on WhatsApp, can quickly lose in the numerous conversation courses organized. In such cases it is advisable to archive certain chats in WhatsApp.

Find out here what the feature is, how to archive chats and how to restore archived calls.

WhatsApp: archive Chat - klappts so

The archive function is also to hide certain conversations from prying eyes. It can be both individual and group interviews hide. So you can make invisible certain their conversation histories in WhatsApp:

  1. Drives the overview of the active chat conversations.
  2. Press on the entry for the conversation that want to hide it and hold down your finger.
  3. You will see a menu bar at the top of the screen. Press here on the folder icon with the down arrow.
  4. The chat is now disappears from the overview. Do not worry, the messages are not deleted but archived. You can do this confirmation at the bottom will be found ( "Chat archived").

In the iPhone version you reach the "Archive" button with a swipe to the left over the corresponding chat entry. With us you learn also how to recover deleted WhatsApp messages.

So you bring everything from WhatsApp out (video)

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WhatsApp: Restore Archived Chat

The conversation is no longer in the "chat" to see screen. But where to find the archived chats? Of course you can quickly to the individual messages and pictures from this course regain access. So you can restore an archived chat in WhatsApp:


  1. Controls back to the overview of all chats.
  2. Scroll all the way down.
  3. Here now is an entry "Archived chats".
  4. Once selected, you will find all archived calls. Presses on the conversation that you want to restore and keep your finger on the conversation again.
  5. the toolbar will appear again in the top of the screen. now pushes back the archive icon to the right. This now displays an arrow pointing upwards.
  6. The course was called, the chat is no longer in the archive, but in normal conversation list. If the person in anschreibt you, the chat from the archive will also automatically restored.

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