Fear The Walking Dead – Flight 462: see Stream in Germany

The second season of Fear The Walking Dead is available now online. So that the time between new episodes will not appear quite as long, it will in the coming weeks in addition to the continuation of the normal consequences also the stream of the 16-part web series to Fear The Walking Dead entitled &Flight 462; # 8220&# 8243; give. The stream to &Flight 462; # 8220&# 8243; is provided by Amazon Prime on their own Facebook page in Germany.

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The consequences were provided in the US online via AMC.com for retrieval and use the title "Flight 462". Already the normal series several webisodes were produced for The Walking Dead, who told succinctly edge stories from the destroyed by the zombie apocalypse USA. From now on you can regularly watch new episodes of Flight 462 in Germany. Throw this on a regular basis a look at the official Facebook page of Amazon Video.

 Flight 462 Episode 1

Fear The Walking Dead Flight 462 in Germany on Amazon Prime

The web series "Flight 462" to Fear The Walking Dead shipped what is happening in the air and shows how the zombie epidemic affects an airplane.

  • The 16 episodes are just a few minutes.
  • The web series serves as another connection between the spin-off and the main series.
  • In the US, Flight 462 was shown online on AMC and during the commercial breaks of the sixth season of The Walking Dead.
  • After FOX zombie fans in Germany had already put off that FTWD will not run on the German domestic channels of TWD, is also available for the webisodes to "Flight 462" a Enttäschung. Thus, the episodes of Flight 462 are not shown in Germany during the commercial breaks of the new episodes of The Walking Dead.

Instead, you can watch the mini-episodes of the spin-offs for the spin-off call about Amazon Prime on Facebook.

Flight 462 from Amazon Prime on Facebook*Those who can not stand up to Amazon, the last few episodes has put online can see all 16 episodes of the miniseries in the stream on the web site of AMC already. The video call is blocked, however, from Germany, a prerequisite for the video stream is a US IP.


see web series Flight 462 in stream online: Fear The Walking Dead

In the coming days, the further consequences of the miniseries will be put online.

&Flight 462; # 8220&# 8243; plays on an airplane moving in the direction of Los Angeles. In the mini-series, an infected passenger is discovered. The flight on the plane seems difficult. A character from Flight 462 will make their way in the second season of Fear The Walking Dead.

Original article in October 2015 last updated on April 19, 2016

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