iOS 8 download and installation – Here’s how

iOS 8 is here now! The operating system we can download for free and install on iPhone, iPad and iPod. We explain how it works and what to pay attention to:

iOS 8 download and installation - Here's how

What devices iOS 8 can be installed?
iOS 8 runs on all modern iOS devices from iPhone 4s, iPad 2 and iPod touch 5th generation. But not every function is available on each of these devices. A detailed analysis provides our article "IOS 8 Compatibility".

What preparations should I make?
First of all, you should have a backup perform, for example, simply through iCloud or iTunes.

  • Create iPhone backup manually, here's how
  • iTunes backup versus iCloud Backup for iPhone

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This is a safety measure - usually the apps after the update even opened that were open before ...

As further conditions you need sufficient free memory. So delete (as desired before or after the backup) the apps and content you do not need. On my iPhone 5s the update would at least 5.8 gigabytes of storage (iPad 2: 4.5 GB)! The download file is 1.1 gigabytes (iPad: 859 MB) significantly smaller - a good Internet connection is still advisable.

Holding also a charge cable ready and stand one on a protracted process for power connection or synchronization.

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Download free iOS 8

Compared to the developer program is no charge for the final version of iOS, the Download is free. Probably the Apple servers and networks are reaching now to start again their limits - or exceed them. So do not be surprised if the takes downloading iOS 8 very long and / or error messages. In a few hours it should run faster.

Do not be surprised if the update is not yet displayed. This minute I get it only on the iPhone, but not on iTunes.

In wait yes you can view our video, the new features of iOS 8:

54455iOS 8


we have two choices for downloading and installing:

1. Install iOS 8 on iTunes

We can download iOS 8 via iTunes on your Mac or PC and install:

iOS 8 download-installation-iTunesdownload iOS 8 on iTunes and install it.
  • Complete the iPhone or iPad to the computer and launch iTunes.
  • Select the device and click "Check for Update".
  • Now follow the installation dialog.

Note: iTunes must be installed in the latest version on the computer!

2. iOS 8 download and install directly on the iPhone

But we do not need an extra effort the calculator, a download of iOS 8 touch is possible directly on the iPhone, iPad or iPod:

  • Connect your iOS device to a power source.
  • Go to Settings -> General -> Software update. The unit will search for the iOS 8 download file.
  • Confirm the installation.
iOS 8 download and installation - Here's howYeah! Successful iOS 8 installation on the iPhone.

When you first start the setup, see our article iOS 8 takes to set up, so goes&# 8217; s. In this process, we can play a backup, the iOS device loads the most recently used apps, files and settings automatically.

iOS 8 set, goes so&# 039; s


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