What does Snitch? Meaning and Translation

This weekend you can at ProSieben on Sunday, December 6, the action thriller "Snitch - a risky deal" on. The term "snitch" has it crept more and more into the youth language in the past. But what is the meaning of "Snitch"?

What does Snitch? Meaning and Translation

literal translation from English is meant by "Snitch" a "spy" or traitor. A person who is called "Snitch", can be compared to an informant or a sneak. "Snitches" not frighten thereby afraid to z. unpack as the police or teachers with statements in order to save their own skin, while others are thereby brought into distress.

What does "Snitch"?

The English verb to denote "Snitch" is "to snitch" and means something like "steal", "stool" or "jmd. blow the whistle ". A person who is called "Snitch", to write thus to a dishonest and cowardly character.


If we focus on the hip-hop scene, this translation actually meant meaning but does not do justice. Better known the song got here mainly by the song "Life and Death of Kenneth Glöckler" Bushido from 2013. It states facing Kay One:

"Do you remember that time? Chablife? Royal Bunker? Cologne? Berlin? And as they were called on dei&8217 m path to the very top, you old Snitch "

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Snitch: What does that mean?

Today "Snitch" is often used as an insult. The word has this meaning therefore a particularly women against patronizing character. Due to the similar sound "Snitch" often a same meaning as "Bitch" is attributed. The word "Snitch" is then to be understood as a composition of "bitch" and "Bitch".


With us you learn also what is meant by "AMK". Who wants to know how Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in the movie "Snitch" suggests, can on Sunday, 6. 12. Switch on at 20:15 on ProSieben. Without her TV ProSieben see in live stream online with Magine *.

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