What’s aka? – meaning and translation of the abbreviation

Although the Internet and most of all chats and social networks have significantly contributed to the found their way into our everyday language more and more new shortcuts, there was even before the World Wide Web one way or another shortcut that about their country of origin also has moved. One of them is AKA, which one often reads in conjunction with artists, especially musicians and authors. In this guide we will explain to you the meaning and origin of the abbreviation.

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The abbreviation aka (also a.k.a.) is used mainly in pseudonyms, but can also be used for synonyms. For example, if an artist appears in a show under his real name, his stage name by which he is better known is listed as having a aka. But why is that and what does aka advertised?

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AKA &# 8211; Meaning and Translation

aka meaningful shutterstock_369303014The abbreviation &# 8220;aka&# 8221; comes from English and means literally &# 8220;also known as&# 8221 ;. So Translated this means &# 8220; also known as&# 8221; and to show that a person or object is also known by another name.

In German one uses instead of &# 8220; aka&# 8221; also like the Latin word &# 8220; also known as&;, if a person is known # 8221 under a pseudonym. Alias ​​means here translated &# 8220; otherwise&# 8221 ;.

AKA &# 8211; use

The abbreviation &# 8220; aka&# 8221; used especially in conjunction with artist names and pseudonyms as described above. There are no limit to how many artists names with a &# 8220; aka&# 8221; are appended as long as he is also known by that name. When an artist uses the same multiple stage name, so you can also hang them together. For example, many of you know certainly the German rapper Marten Laciny aka Marteria aka Marsimoto.

When an artist, however, has stored his stage name or primarily uses a new stage name, you can also the abbreviation&# 8221;f.k.a.&# 8221; use that for &# 8220;formely known as&# 8221; is thus translated &# 8220; formerly known as&# 8221; means. So the example of an Austrian rapper that would: Sebastian Meisinger a.k.a. Why SL know Plug f.k.a. Money Boy.

Prince TAFKAP Love IconThe ineffable character (later Love icon)

On the top of the &Abkürzerei; # 8220&# 8221; Thing Happened on the media with Prince, who changed his stage name in dispute over his contract with Warner Bros. Prince in an unspeakable icon. Because the symbol is an original creation, the media used the abbreviation TAFKAP, what broken &# 8220;They Artist Formely Known As rince&# 8221; so &# 8220; The artist, who was known as Prince&# 8221; means.

In English-speaking and the girl's name, a pet name or the name with a title, for example, but behind a &# 8220; aka&# 8221; be specified.

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