Steam: uninstall Games – Here’s how

On the games platform Steam to upload your installed games and uninstall. We show how to do it, how you get your Scores secure (savegames) before and can remove as their game entries also completely from the Steam library.

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Steam: uninstall Games - secure Score

If you have installed on Steam games, you can delete it afterwards so. If you do that, but also delete your saved games / savegames in some games. You should be able then secure the safe side before, if you installed the game later and continue playing want. Otherwise, you begin again from scratch.

Thus Steam automatically backs up the reservoir levels in the cloud, can test their following option:

  1. Click on the menu display settings.
  2. Selects the left menu item cloud.
  3. Places a check mark on Steam cloud sync for all supported applications enable, if not already done.
Steam: activates the Cloud function to secure Scores online.Steam: Enables Cloud function to secure Scores online.

Note: but that's still no guarantee that your saved games remain for uninstalling the game. Because not all games on Steam support this feature.

To play it safe, you can find out by Google and then secure it separately before you uninstall the game for the save game folder of your game. Common locations for games are:

  • C: \ Users \ USERNAME \ My Documents \ My Games
  • C: \ Users \ USERNAME \ Saved Games
  • The installation folder of the game, there is looking for folders like &Save; # 8220&# 8221 ;, &Saves; # 8220&# 8221; or &Savegames; # 8220&# 8221 ;.
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Steam: uninstall Games - Method 1

To uninstall Steam games you have two options. The first:

  1. Opens Steam and your games library.
  2. Click with the right mouse button on the game that want to remove it.
  3. Selects local data only&# 8230; out.

    Steam: To delete their games from the library.Steam: To delete their games from the library.

  4. Confirms the operation.
  5. Now the uninstall wizard is initiated.
  6. After that you see the game in Steam only in dark gray text instead of white.

Here you can see the whole thing again explained in the video:

Steam: uninstall Games - Method 2

Alternatively, you can uninstall it, how do you do it with programs in Windows and Steam games:

  1. You open the Control Panel and navigate to Programs uninstall list.
  2. Selects here your Steam game and click on the button Uninstall.
  3. A detailed instructions, can be found here: Windows 10, 7, 8: uninstall programs.
The Steam games you will also find in the program list of Windows to uninstall.The Steam games you will also find in the program list of Windows to uninstall.

Note: The Steam games dive not necessarily also on the program list of Windows. then uses Method 1, as described above.

Steam: Games completely & completely remove it from the library

If you want that a game entry is no longer displayed in the Steam library does the following:

  1. Click with the right mouse button on the game entry.
  2. Select Edit Categories&# 8230; out.
  3. Sets down a check mark in this game in my library hide.

    Steam: Here you can a Steam game hide, so it is no longer displayed.Steam: Here you can a Steam game hide, so it is no longer displayed.

  4. Confirmed with OK.

The game is now hidden. To view the hidden games you click the top right of your games list next to the search bar on games and select Hidden. In the same way you can the Hidden status removed again.

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