Windows 10: Disable touchpad – Here’s how

If you want to use your laptop with a mouse, the touchpad is often only disturbing if one comes accidentally it. We show you how you can disable the touchpad under Windows 10th

The touchpad is playing, but also for longer typing often more in the way than helpful if you have connected a mouse. The touchpad can be under Windows 10 but disable fast, if you do not currently required. If you have accidentally disabled the touchpad, you learn here how you can re-enable it to your notebook touchpad.

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disable touchpad under Windows 10 permanently

If you do not need the touchpad as you use a mouse or other pointing device, you can disable it in the settings of Windows 10. Going for it as follows:

  1. pushes the Windows key and give control Panel and selects the Dekstop app.
    Windows 10 touchpad disable Control Panel
  2. Now click on Hardware and Sound.
    Windows 10 touchpad disable Hardware and Sound
  3. Under devices and printer will you now select the menu item mouse, click on it.
    Windows 10 touchpad disable devices and printers mouse
  4. Click here to the righthand Reiter device settings.
    Windows 10 touchpad disable Mouse Properties
  5. Now select your touchpad and clicks the button Deactivate.
    Windows 10 touchpad disable touchpad Select
  6. Windows will ask you to see if you really want to do that - confirmed OK.

Now the touchpad should be permanently disabled. You can do it via the same route again Activate. If you only briefly (for games or similar) but want to disable the touch pad, the next option is more advantageous.

Start Photogallery(5 pictures)install the .NET Framework 3.5 in Windows 10

disable touchpad via function key

Touchpad disable q_giga SymbolIf you back more often between touchpad and other pointing device and you want herwechseln, it's easier that disable touchpad hotkey. For this, we need only the Function key and deactivation button for the touchpad locate on your keyboard and press together.

The "Fn "key (Function State) is usually in the bottom row of the keyboard - often between the keys Ctrl, Win, Alt and the spacebar. The deactivation button for the touchpad is often one of the "F" keys (F1-F12) in the top row of the keyboard. You should be a crossed touchpad (see figure) represent the same color in the "Fn" key is held.

If you press both buttons together, the touchpad should be disabled. To activate it again, you must press the same shortcut.

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