Cable Germany Hotline – reach Customer Service

The cable Germany hotline is available to you for the entire portfolio of cable network operator is available. However, there are also different customer service hotlines for different concerns. What there is and to which you have to contact you, you can find out here. 

Cable Germany Hotline - reach Customer Service

If your Internet, television or phone service from cable Germany no longer works, you should report the fault as soon as possible directly to the cable operator. In most cases, only then can go to the issue specifically to the bottom, as an employee of the Cable Germany Hotline can directly check whether any errors are pending or currently, for example, maintenance is performed.

Cable Germany customer hotlineSince October 4, 2010 is the Hotline of cable Germany for all customers, for example, have questions about an existing contract or wish to report a malfunction of the Internet connection, free of charge. The customer hotline for technical issues or malfunctions stands every day around the clock. The customer service and the hotline for advice and product order (Internet, telephone, television, mobile), however, are only available from 7:30 am to 22 am.

If there is a technical fault and reach their immediately anyone with the Hotline, you can also make use of the online Troubleshooting use, which gives you some troubleshooting tips.

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Cable Germany Hotline

For advice and ordering Internet, telephone, television and mobile phone you reach the free order hotline on 0800 66 49 381. Do you have questions about products or other concerns, and you can check out to the also free customer service on 0800 27 87 contact 000th For technical problems or faults you can contact support either through the hotline on 0800 52 66 625 or online via the contact form. Each call from a German landline is free, depending on the provider you pay via mobile phone more than 42 cents per minute. Who reluctantly takes the hotline and brings a little more time, which can be reached via the contact customer service online. Often the answers to your questions, see also the FAQ of cable Germany.

your concerntelephone contact
Hotline for product information or orders0800 66 49 381
Customer service for all kinds of questions0800 27 87 000
Technical problem or malfunction0800 52 66 625

Alternatives to cable Germany Hotline

In addition to the cable Germany Hotline, the form and the online Troubleshooting, the cable operator provides assistance via the social networks. Although cable Germany is not represented by a corresponding support account on Facebook and Twitter, as for example, the German Telekom, but you usually responds to questions. Those who want a quick help or advice, but should go first-mentioned ways to reach the Support / Customer Service.


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