Windows 7: make offline update – so you go

If Windows 7 does not find updates, you can manually make an offline update. For this, you invite download updates and install them if necessary offline on other Windows 7 machines. We show in this guide how to do it.

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If Windows 7 does not load updates or want to import in one shot her after a new installation fast updates, you can make an offline update. Here you generated your own, big update file that you can install it on any Windows 7 PC. The convenience rollup update is included.

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7 Windows: Create offline update

To make an offline update in Windows 7, it goes as follows:

  1. Invites you downloaded the free Microsoft program WSUS Offline Update.
  2. Extract the ZIP file and starts in the folder the file wsusoffline UpdateGenerator.exe contained.

    WSUS Offline: Here you determine which Windows updates want to download it.WSUS Offline: Here you determine which Windows updates want to download it.

  3. In the tab you choose Windows above Windows 7 x86, select Global for the 32 bit version or x64 Global for the 64-bit version.
  4. Below you should check a page at:
    • verifzieren downloaded updates
    • C ++ - runtime libraries and include .NET Framework
    • including Microsoft Security Essentials
    • including service packs
    • include Windows Defender Defintionen
  5. If you click on the Start button, a command prompt window in which all available updates for Windows download 7 opens. This can sometimes take several hours. With us, a total of around 3 GB were downloaded to updates.
  6. The updates stores the tool in the folder: wsusoffline / client

Install offline update: Windows 7

Now you can copy the downloaded updates on any Windows 7 PC and install it. so goes&# 8217; s:

  1. Copies your unzipped folder of tools WSUS Offline want to carry her the Windows 7 offline update update on the PC where.
  2. Navigate in the directory: wsusoffline / client
  3. Starts UpdateInstaller.exe file to install the updates.

    Select the options to install the offline updates. Your dialogue has probably more options.Select the options to install the offline updates. Your dialogue has probably more options.

  4. This opens a window where you can select which of the downloaded updates will now be installed.
  5. We also recommend that a check mark to this page at:
    • verify installation packages: Updates are checked.
    • Shutdown after: Shuts down the PC after installing the offline updates.
    • Automatically restart and resume: this is necessary if you want to allow the PC to work alone. Often, the PC must reboot to apply updates. If the check is not set, the update process continues and each time expecting a user input. However, you should not work productively on the computer option enabled, because it can start arbitrarily new.
  6. on the start button when you have set everything clicks.

The update process may take several hours sometimes, depending on how much had installed updates your Windows 7 system before.

The following video shows the instructions again to English:

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