Anchor: How important is the classic tattoo designs?

Actually, an important device for navigation, the anchor also has a high symbolic power and is one of the oldest tattoo designs ever. Recently, this traditional old school tattoo experiencing a revival &# 8211; Time, therefore, more to explore, which transferred meanings to the anchor as Pendant, T-shirt printing, coat of arms or tattoo to be connected.   

Anchor: How important is the classic tattoo designs?

The term armature refers to a hook-shaped, essential ship accessory which is fixed to a rope or a chain and digs after its discharge in the depth automatically into the seabed in order to prevent the ship on the high sea, on stripping. But the device not only has a huge importance to mariners: the anchor has also established itself outside of navigation in many areas as a symbol.

The Anchor: Historic meaning of the symbol

The anchor is a mixture of cross and trident, an attribute of the sea god Neptune. Sailors have always related positively to the device that allows the waiting at sea in case of a storm. Many arms of port cities include this symbol, some Freemason lodges and use it as Christianity since many days. Even the Austrian Empress Sisi was probably in 1888 tattooed an anchor on the shoulder, which her husband but not delighted. How important is commonly associated with the symbol?


  • For early Christianity in ancient Rome it was a symbol that would represent the firm anchoring of young religious community in the Christian faith, in the midst of divergent cults and views the turbulent Rome.
  • The most likely first to use the symbol as a tattoo and a sign of their guild, were sailors. In former times the anchor indicated that its bearer has at least once crossed the Atlantic and could also indicate that the person concerned homeport &# 8211; So the great love &# 8211; has found and will remain anchored there forever.
  • During World War II, the Kotwica (Polish. Anchor) was also the symbol of Polish resistance against the German occupation.
anchor importanceThe anchor &# 8211; Kotwica &# 8211; as a monument on the hill of the Warsaw Uprising.Start Photogallery(11 images)At these 10 signs her fake stores recognizes the Internet

Today's use of the anchor symbol and its meaning

Basically has not changed much on the importance of the anchor through the centuries. However, there are no longer just sailors who get stung in the skin of the subject.

  • According to its function, the armature is hold at depth. so he can express that you have found strength and support to weather the stormy demands of life. This is also called the stop in the depths of the soul.
  • Likewise, the anchor can but also stand for the eternal fidelity &# 8211; for great love for hometown or to the motorcycle club &# 8211; &# 8220; drop anchor&# 8221; means that they go in debt.
  • An anchor can be thinned, and who highlights this indicates to the anchor that he is willing to great adventures.

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anchor importance

The anchor is a timeless motif Pendant *Anchor: How important is the classic tattoo designs?, Ring*Anchor: How important is the classic tattoo designs?, Earrings *Anchor: How important is the classic tattoo designs? or T-shirt *Anchor: How important is the classic tattoo designs? can decorate all people. Those who want to get stung an anchor, but is still not really sure can indeed first with a non-permanent anchor tattoo *Anchor: How important is the classic tattoo designs? the thing closer.

An anchor can be combined wonderfully with many other motifs or texts. We have listed the best tattoo fonts for you to try with your own text for you.

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