EMUI 5.0 under the microscope: what’s new, it’s better

In version 5.0, Huawei has not only missed its user interface a fresh coat of paint, but EMUI improved under the hood and erweitertet to practical functions. We have EMUI 5.0 compared to the previous version and looked at the new features in detail. 

EMUI 5.0 under the microscope: what's new, it's better

The Emotion User Interface (EMUI) has been an integral part of smart phones made by Huawei and has since become a hallmark of the Chinese group. Stand the EMUI initially because of its optical proximity to Apple's iOS still under review, the user interface has found with each new generation to its own style.

Compared to its predecessor, the new version has received a visual makeover and can also score points with new features: especially clear, the development process of EMUI 5.0 is. We wanted to know how big the jump from 4.1 EMUI is actually on EMUI 5.0 and both versions compared.

11699EMUI 5.0: Presentation of the new user interface

True to the saying "less is more" Huawei's designers have retained with optical gimmicks when EMUI 5.0. The whole interface looks compared to the previous version tidier and more clearly structured. The new "Azure Design", which serves as the basis of EMUI 5.0, was allegedly inspired by Huawei blue and white of the Aegean Sea. Besides the design, the focus was also on a reduction of the intermediate steps in the surface so that the user will come faster to the desired function. 90 percent of all functions, so Huawei had to achieve in three clicks or less.

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New Quick Settings

notifications-quick settings-EMUI 4.1-vs-EMUI 5.0The new Quick Settings (far right) combine notifications and quick toggles and can be reached so quickly to the user.

That these are not hollow words, is already evident in the Quick Sets: Were these previously split in two, forcing the user to wipe for notifications to the left and for quick sets to the right, the notification center in EMUI 5.0 after a short wiping from the top of the screen to reach the bottom - just as is the case with stock Android. From there, the display brightness and all known quick toggles such as WLAN, Bluetooth, Ring profiles and the like set comfortably can.

Multitasking view à la Stock Android

multitasking EMUI 4.1-vs-5.0Thanks to the stacked map faster app switching is possible.

The multitasking view now also focuses on stock Android. A slight tap on the appropriate icon in the navigation bar opens a stacked overview of all open apps. so are passé the times in which open applications are shown in thumbnail size to each other. Overall, the new display mode is much clearer and easier for the user so that the fast switching between multiple apps.

System apps in a new guise

EMUI 5.0-weather watch-notesVarious system apps have received in EMUI 5.0 a new look.

even system apps such as weather, clock or notes have been revised completely. now they not only follow Huawei's new design language and offer a tidier interface, but provide the content itself into focus. Nested menu structures have been largely broken up, so that all important options and settings are always in view.

galerie-comparative-EMUI 4.1-5.0In the new gallery (right) are more content to see

The route to guide users with fewer clicks faster than target, can be seen in the redesigned Gallery particular: thanks to leaner controls are to see what finding the wanted photos and albums will be facilitated in the media overview equal to five instead of four rows.

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