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Plans are urgently needed to have something that you can be different. However, if change travel plans, which can sometimes cause fees and a high level of dissatisfaction. In Flixbus the thing is though to settle quickly and for free, even 15 minutes before departure. In this guide, you learn what you need to pay attention to her and do.

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The cancellation of a ticket at Flixbus is simple and unproblematic. The only possible downside is perhaps the fact that you can not you at free cancellation, the ticket price can be refunded in cash but will receive a Flixbus voucher. If it has not acted on the cancellation to your last Flixbus ride, which is not a major problem, because you can Flixbus the voucher so for future trips in the next 12 months to redeem.

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Canceling Flixbus tickets is easy

Cancel Flixbus ticket: How to do!

  • Very casual is the fact that you still upĀ 15 minutes before departure you can cancel without any financial loss. This means that when you realize that it is too late to stop, you do not have a cab for three times the Busfahrpreises take (all happened!), But can just cancel the trip and take the next bus. can be provided that with your travel reasons, agree.
  • There is no refund in cash but a coupon for other trips within the following 12 months.
  • Locked out of cancellations are tickets that were booked with a voucher. In these cases, unfortunately, the trip will be forfeited.
  • A refund of Flixbus tickets with cash is possible in principle, but rarely makes sense because you have to pay fees for 15 euros.
  • You can cancel the ticket-sales counters, travel agents, online and by Flixbus app *.
  • Rebook course you can also equal, you have to cancel first and then you can book a new trip with the resulting credit. You will then receive a new booking number. If the new price is lower, you get the balance again as a voucher, costing them more, you must pay the remaining amount.

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