Nintendo threatens players with suit because he was sent by mistake two consoles

The blogger Jay Rodgers wanted to simply buy a Nintendo switch. So simple, how he believed that there was not, unfortunately, as he writes on his blog After a few Missverständen and unnecessary complications Nintendo threatened him even briefly with a trial.

Jay Rodgers is a tech fanatic, blogger, father and Nintendo fan. Because he loves since childhood Mario games, the father wanted to share his love for the bearded plumber with his four year old son. He decided a Nintendo switch and Super Mario Odyssey to order. But instead of the console to buy a third-party dealer, he wanted to support Nintendo itself and therefore ordered them to Nintendo's UK online store.

In the video you may look at the first 13 minutes from Super Mario Odyssey:

11389Super Mario Odyssey - The first 13 minutes

Unfortunately, the order went at Nintendo anything but round, as he detailed in his blog. So the console was indeed delivered shortly after the order online, but it has obtained some damage already on the package. Even worse, however, have looked into the actual packaging. Rodgers reported that the screen and the controller showed significant signs of wear and scratches. In general, the contents of the package had looked as if someone had already unpacked else's console.

The customer service was found, according to Rodgers at the time still understanding and agreed to replace the console. So he returned the console and wait for its new console, without hearing anything from Nintendo. In the following week the Mario fan did so on the phone every day with the customer service of the manufacturer to get its new switch. Having extra time off took from work to wait for the courier, a few days later appeared finally his highly anticipated console.

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The next day the bloggers had noticed that he had received another package already during the week, which had exactly the same sender. It is hid another Nintendo switch. It was not been aware since he thought there had been a Christmas gift for his son. He would have considered morally reprehensible this easy to keep it and told the customer that he had mistakenly received two Nintendo switch.

Although the customer, according to Rodgers had pretty relaxed responded that he was contacted by another Representatives shortly thereafter with the note that he had expected a lawsuit, he should return the console immediately. The shocked bloggers have therefore have to wait for a courier to the manufacturer again what he once had to take a vacation to.

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In the end, was safely arrived at Nintendo console. Despite the poor customer service Rodgers was not disappointed by the Japanese publisher. Rather, he was impressed by the sound hardware of the Nintendo switch.

The aftermath of the blog entry

Shortly after the publication of the blog entry Rodgers was forced to delete it, as he informed on Twitter.

He stated that he still stands by its content, but he did not need the attention that he had received for the blog entry. The customer service from Nintendo have also re-examined his case and profusely apologized to him. He also was not interested in suing Nintendo for compensation for the time that he could not work because of the incident.

Since this is the report is the personal experience of a blogger, the story should be treated with caution, since it is merely a side of the story. Nintendo itself has not commented on the incident.

If you sometimes even something as Frustrating happened with the customer service of a gaming company?


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