The Witcher 3: increase load – Locations of all saddlebags to carry more

In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt there collect as much loot that your load will quickly reach their limits. But as you can carry more in the game? Roach is the answer! You can your horse during the game belting new saddlebags with more capacity and drag along the more stuff. We show you what saddlebags are available and where you can find them.


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Unfortunately in The Witcher 3 no storage room or a chest, where you can stow your belongings. It only has your inventory, but that their expand with saddlebags can and your load increased by 30, 70 or 100 kg. This is sorely needed, because at the beginning it has only 60 kg load that you will blow up after a few hearty Lootsessions. Below, we show you how your horse does roach to drudge and you can find the coveted saddlebags. There is also information below to Weight Limit Mod, with her you can give a higher wearing limit.

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The Witcher 3: Increase load &# 8211; So is her new saddlebags

In RPG, there are saddlebags in three different versions to find or buy:

  • Normal Saddlebag: Increases your carrying capacity by 30 kg
  • Tattered saddle bag: Increases your carrying capacity by 70 kg
  • Serrikanische Saddlebag: Increases your carrying capacity to 100 kg

To get to the coveted saddle bags, there are three different possibilities in The Witcher. You may be able in the game world as in treasure chests Find, buy from dealers or a Quest series about the horse racing win. Below we highlight individual options more closely.

win saddlebags by horse racing

Horse racing is a good way to earn money 3 in The Witcher. In addition, you get the victory but also improved racing saddle, blinders and just special saddlebags as a bonus. We listen to you in The Witcher 3 all horse race on, so you may be able save you.

The Witcher 3: increase load - Locations of all saddlebags to carry moreOver the horse race you win gradually getting better saddlebags

buy saddlebags from merchants

An even expensive at the beginning alternative is to buy new saddle bags from stores. Look at any merchant in his goods to see if he has a pocket on offer. In the following chart we show you for each saddlebag a dealer with location and selling price.

 saddlebagcapacityLocation DealerMap (click to enlarge) price
Normal saddlebag+30 Lindenvale (Velen) witcher3-location-händler3 100
Tattered saddlebag+70 Erzdorf (Velen) witcher3-site-Dealers 320
Serrikanische saddlebag+100 Novigrad (Dealer near the beggar king) witcher3-location-händler2 904

More carrying capacity by the weight limit Mod

Are you playing the PC version of The Witcher 3 and do not want to embark on lengthy search for new saddlebags you, you help the Weight Limit Mod to increase your limit. Here, you've got to not even be limited to a maximum of 160 kg in the game, but you can Values ​​of up to 9999 kg erschummeln and become so certainly never come into the position of having to leave things.

With 9999 kg payload you can loot you crazy.With 9999 kg payload you can loot you crazy.

Weight limit for mod with download link and installation instructions

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