PS4 Games 2015: The 10 best titles in the overview

PS4 Games 2015: The 10 best titles in the overview

Annika Schumannon 01/01/2016 at 16:00

Although the year 2015 is over for some time, but there were this year, many firecrackers title for the PlayStation 4. In this article, we present the best games for the PS4 of, 2015.

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For the PlayStation 4 tons of beads are published in the year, 2015. It not only concerns itself classic action title, but also Horror fans and Hardcore gamers came in 2015 their money. But fans of Japanese RPGs or large mass battles have been able to experience their great joy with some titles. We present in this article the top ten titles for Sony's current-gen console. Many titles of which certainly the potential to take the best games for the PlayStation 4 in the story. It was a very good year for the PS4 and their players and it shows in this article. Please if you miss one or two titles here, attends the note below for our selection of the best PS4 games in 2015 before you fall into a rage.

NOTE: Here games are just called that are either released exclusively for the PlayStation 4, or in addition to other PlayStation platforms. Titles that have been released as of Xbox consoles or PC, here are NOT contain!


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